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BMW E21 Behr Late Radiator P/N 17111121114

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Price: $75
Location: Northern Colorado

This is an original used Behr radiator for the BMW 320i (E21), BMW part number 17111121114.  These are often used on 2002’s due to their availability.  It is the standard Manual Transmission version, without additional connections on the bottom for automatic transmission cooling.  This is the later version of the E21 radiator with plastic tanks and aluminum tubes/fins.  It appears to be no longer available from BMW.

It came to me in an ‘02 which previously had an accident where one side of the nose of the car was pushed back just far enough for the engine fan to touch the face of the radiator fins.  It does not leak.  The car ran and drove fine after the accident (and a small amount of sheet metal straightening), and I’ve since used the radiator on an M10 engine test stand for about 10 hours of engine running. 

It’s not too aesthetically pleasing.  I have done nothing to clean this radiator - I’m sure that it’s appearance can be improved.  Some quality time with little tools will let you straighten most of the fin damage if appearance is important, but it had no problems providing good cooling as-is.  I pressure tested it before using it on my engine test stand to confirm that it is OK.  A cap is not included.

$75 + shipping (cost depends on your location and preferred shipper) via a paypal gift – (or i'll be happy to send an invoice including their fee).  Promptly shipped within 2 business days of payment arriving.

Please PM if interested

rad 1 0121.JPG

rad 2 0121.JPG

rad 3 0121.JPG

rad 4 0121.JPG

rad 5 0121.JPG

rad 6 0121.JPG

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