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weber 32/36 ?

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Guest Anonymous

I have a brand new 32/36 weber and have noticed only one removable idle jet on the breather side of the carb ( below the breather hose for the air filter ) Is there another idle jet . My older weber had one on each side a small one and a larger one .What is a baseline jet size I am at 50 in this one jet.thanks Nebie

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Guest Anonymous

WEBER 32/36: hesitation/secondary = absolutly NOT

Posted by: Creighton D. on 2002-05-21

.....you do not have to live with hesitation ...BUT - first check your distributor advance for free movement by twisting it by hand and observing the timing marks with a timing light.

...my WEBER prescription:


Float Level 40mm


idle 60

main 140

air correction 145


idle 55

main 170

air correction 175

....keep in mind that depending on how high you are (above sea level)and ambient temps, extreme cold or hot either way, these settings may need a half to full jet size up or down on Main & Air Correction.ALWAYS keep the AIR Correction jet size larger than it's mated Main jet (170 main - 175,180,190 air Corr.)

Adjust throttle control shaft (carb to firewall shaft)so it is level and straight - inline with carb, adjust with piviot bracket on firewall. Then adjust rod end (on rod coming up from pedal box to control shaft)to achieve full throttle opening on carb stop when depressing gas pedal and you looking at rear of carb to confirm full opening.

DO NOT PRESUME 'a stock rebuild" ????

this carb is so simple, but even simpler for someone to s_ _ _ up !!!

BUY & READ any of the books about WEBER carbs


The other major improvement is when you have the carb top section off, plug the hole in the carb that mates with a tiny brass jet in the carb top. There's only one.

Use epoxy to plug the brass tube.

It's a secondary enrichment passage, allows "course" amount of gas to be drawn on secondary opening. By closing it off you run solely on main and air correction jets. Much more precise than with passage open. Trust me, you'll grin after you feel improvement !!

-------------------------- <<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>------------

Go to Pierce Manifold link below , order "complete " carb overhaul kit, some extra top section gaskets, and order a How To Weber Book from them. You'll be an expert in no time.



Trust Me.

Creighton Demarest

76 2002 # 2743711

I what to hear how big your grin was after these changes

Link: one stop WEBER store: PIERCE MANIFOLD

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