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Newbie with few Q's:

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous


Maybe you guys (and girls) saw my post about the blue tii that was

on Ebay, well I bought it. My first tii and I'm REALLY excited. It'll be

here (So. CA) next week. Please, no comment on the paint color.

Under color is Malaga, which it will be returned to.

I've been told that it runs rough when cold. I searched the archives

and will look at the cold start valve and the warm up unit. I bought

the Restoration guide a few months ago in anticipation of my

future tii. The guy I bought it from is giving me the factory

manual. All the trim pieces are there, but no on.


1) Do I need to get the Mobile Tradition CD Rom? Buy it from the

dealer? Cost?

2) Do I need a CO Analyzer? Is the Gunson Gastester a good brand

and will it work? I've seen them on Ebay for $139, new.

I'm sure I'll have many more questions soon. This is a great board,

I've learned a lot so far.




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Guest Anonymous

I am going to start this off by saying that:

1. I dont own or have owned a tii.

2. I wish I owned one, :P

So take all this w/ a grain of salt...

I'd get that tool kit that is specfic to the tii. It includes tools that are JUST for the tii's engine.

I would also look into finding and buying a tii fuel injection guide/manual.

Read (and retain it too.) ALL the stuff in the factory workshop manual that is specfic to the tii (and the rest of the car for that matter.)

Hope that helps some, there are PLENTY of tii owners on this board that can assist you in your needs.



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Guest Anonymous

its not all that useful.. you can learn the same information just by posting on this forum or calling your favorite parts place(s). i like using www.bimmerpartsco.com. check the links page (see '02s Online section of FAQ index) for more vendors and whatnot. Welcome to the Family! :)


02 FAQ editor

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Guest Anonymous

I actually like the color. But Malaga is very nice too.

Way to go! You are one step ahead of me, though if I can sell my 635, I'll be joining the 02 fold after wanting to for about 5 years now.

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Guest Anonymous

Restoration Guide are mroe clear and concise than the factory manual--and designed for the amateur owner, not the professional mechanic with no factory tools...

Also, the MT catalog is available on-line at www.bmw-mobiletradition.com

Welcome to '02 madness...


'02 owner since 1969

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Guest Anonymous

I use all three. Sooner or later something is said in one of the books that you just won't get. Refer to the other two and then you can usually figure it out. McCartneys book has a good procedure to test out the cold start circuit.

Read the books, tinker with the car yourself, come back here and ask questions.

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