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wobble at high speeds...

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

it seams that its getting worse, and I think it might be the steering box. I've tightened it already once, but there's definitely some play before the steering wheel does anything on the straights.

Do you guys think that a loose steering box might be a wobble causing item? I've checked all the bushings, replaced all worn ones, checked ball joints and tie rod ends. Can't figure it out and it drives me crazy!

might need to replace the box soon.


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Guest Anonymous

I check things in this order:

1) Tire balance. You can usually rotate front to back to figure out if its related to tires/wheels.

2) Tie rods. If the ball/socket is worn badly enough to cause a shimmy you can feel it when you push and pull on the wheel with the car off the ground. The shimmy sometimes has a "clunk" feel to it.

3) Bearing slop. Check at the same time you check the tie rods.

4) Toe. If the toe is far enough out of spec it can cause very strange things to happen. From darting back and forth going down the road to a shimmy. A shimmy isn't as common with toe out of alignment tho.

Bottom line, even if the steering box has slop in it, the shimmy has to be being caused by something else to make the slop noticable moving in a straight line.

Are your wheels stock, or common BMW replacements?


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