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Q:attaching wires to crane ignition

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Guest Anonymous


hi all,

i have a question regarding attaching the ignition

wires from an xr3000 to an lx91 coil. the coil only

has one wire coming off of it for each side (pos/

neg). i need to attach the three positive wires and

two negative wires to the coil.

is there any clean way to splice three to one? i

thought about the crimp on splicers but want to

know if there is a better way - something like a

small router box with one input and three/four

output. any info is appreciated!



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Guest Anonymous

Scotchlock Pigtail (see A in link) that will connect 3 (or more if small) wires. comes w/die electric grease inside.

I picked up some at an autozone or somedamnwhere.

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