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Got a Handle on Rough Idling

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Guest Anonymous

Reprise: Installed a Weber 32/36 after rebuild with C.D. recipe. Got poor performance, surging & rough idle.

Cleaned up electrical connections as I could find them (C.D. you predicted this - told me to clean all connections as part of reviving the car in the first place) Particularly coil connections. Also went back to the "idle mixture" and richened to about 3 turns backout.

Car still misfires some at idle, but much better than it was. Surging pretty much eliminated. My diagnosis - and TEP's Weber instructions page supports this - my distributor is a bit worn causing mis/weak fire occasionally. And a Weber needs a stronger ignition system - more fire - en electronic system will help. Also mixture was far to lean, caused surging idle.

Will try it on the road today. Will convert to Pertronics and MSD at first opportunity (i.e. when $$ is found).

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