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Sat 02 tips 1,2, 3

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Guest Anonymous

1-replace the taillights lens, the cheapy and the expensive one the are two, this will stop the misterious water in the trunk.

2- If you think there is any chance, you have some surface rust under the rubber for the windshield or rear glass, a dremel and some time will fix it por 15 or good primer and a top coat.

3-If you have a non working hazard light switch, I had three. If the problem is that it pops on by it self I got the fix, open it up there sould be a spring is the only loose part in there. From the bottom part is a little metal arm that has a very small tip on it, well all you have to do is bend it in a hair, this sould fix it make sure not to go to far. To put it back together, make sure the you line up the tip with the opening on the top, bring the top down a little now line up the ring with all the holder they have to go in correctly. If you did it right the button, will catch and release as required. Did mine last night, they are 40.00 each.

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