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installing ireland sway bars. any tips anyone? thanks!(nt)

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

Get the front end off the ground. Use a floor jack to lift one tire

up into the wheel well more-so it's not just hanging there off

the ground-CAREFUL-don't tip over the car. Install the

machined aluminum mounting pads first. Then position the

sway bar, ears down and above control arm. Attach the sway

bar in the retaining strapsand bushings on the aluminum

blocks that hold the sway bar in place-lube with supplied

grease. Leave loose. Attach the swivel to the sway bar-loose.

thread the long bolt through the control arm and bushings

into the swivel. Get it sorta where it needs to be as far as

tightness. Tighten swivels all the way-CAREFULLY-they will

easily snap with too much force. Just ratchet wrench tight. as

in twist the ratchet handle in your hand to tighten-don't pull

on the end as a lever. Then tighten long bolt-firm but not

crushing the red bushings. Do one side then the same deal

on the other. Careful when lowering the tire-you could snap

the swivels. Tighten the sway bar on the aluminum blocks

last. Blue Loc-tite everything.

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Guest Anonymous

Are you doing it this weekend? My bro and I will be up on Sunday for the race at Bandimere....If you need help let me know.

Hope it goes well!


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Guest Anonymous


I thought the front bar went on easier like this......

Jack up front end, mount alum. brackets, attach bar to brackets, attach end links to control arms, lower car (not all the way down tho), attach end links to bar. I did it twice, and found this way easier. You can try this way if the other way above doesnt seem to go well.

As for the rear, IMO, they are a BITCH to install. Well, maybe just the u-shaped mount which the new bushings are a tad too big for. Some people get lucky and they fit, but I had to take a pad sander, and sand about .015" off of the whole outside edge of the bushings(this is a very small amount, taking too much off is BAD) after I did that, they fit like champs. I am really pleased with the handling since installing the bars. They guy I bought them from described the handling accurately as "like a cat on carpet". He was right. Good luck on the install. HTH

Steve P. in NC

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Guest Anonymous

i am going to start tomorrow and spread it out over

a few days if i need to make things fit. i'll try to see

you on sunday!


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Guest Anonymous

The rear bushing caps are held in place with allen head bolts. I removed them and replaced them with longer studs. I used a pry bar to force the bushing cap down over the new poly ones enough to put a nut on the stud and tighten the nut down. Once I had the caps in place I removed one stud/nut at a time and replaced them with the original allen head bolt. I had a harder time with the front bar. I must of taken it off three times before I finally got it right. Good Luck


Stll in Kuwait/Headed for Iraq Monday

!970 2002

1991 E30M3

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Guest Anonymous

....but in a much more long winded manner-except for the

lowering of the car part. Personal preference there but the

idea is the same. You want to load the springs. But yes-al

blocks-bar-end links.

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