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Any good Pick n Pull finds today! Tommorow is my day.

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

My colorless driver is a '91 Fox, and two weeks ago I chanced across a water-cooled VW salvage yard that has no less than nine of the little buggers on the property. An instrument pod containing a working odometer/speedometer, as well as a stock VDO tachometer was mine for $40. Good luck! '02's are so uncommon a discovery in SE Michigan to be nothing less than remarkable. Regards...

Mike Kotwick

'74 '02 Malaga

'91 VW Fox 4-door (now with a tachometer - how scary is that?)

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Guest Anonymous

Also got:

2 320i steering racks with u-joints

320i steering column for putting rack in my 02

2 320i rear view mirrors

1-wire oxygen sensor that looks almost new for L-jet

Wiring harness for LH 2.2-Jetronic with sensors

LH 2.2-Jet Ignition computer

LH 2.2-Jet Main Computer

2 LH 2.2-Jet MAF's

LH 2.2-Jet high pressure fuel pump and filter assembly

Lh 2.2-Jet Idle speed stabilizer and hoses

matching VDO 10 Bar oil pressure, Clock, and Volt gauge

Various BMW hose clamps

NLA 318i water bypass tube

325i water bypass hose

I think that's it, I may be forgetting something...

These whores at pick-n-pull charged me too much for the ignition computer and WOULD NOT correct it when I brought it to their attention. Also, they invented thei rown math; $0.59 x 5 items = $5. Sheisty bastards.


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Guest Anonymous

My fave yard has tons of '70s-'80s BMWs, Volvos, Audis, VWs, etc. and that's the part of the yard I have always visited. Recently I went to the American car part of the yard in search of a part for a friend's Dodge. Along with all the usual late-ish model American cars, there was an intact early 50s Packard, a Ford station wagon from about 1958, a late '30s Chevy, and a few other oddities. They all looked like they had been idle since at least the '70s, but they were pretty much all there. An interesting visit.


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