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New 02 Owner

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

Hello to all:

I am the proud new owner of a 1973 2002. After looking at several (maybe 20-30) over the last few years I think I got a good one. Very little rust, low miles, Southern (North Carolina) car since new, yada yada yada…….

Now, questions:

Who do you all recommend as a good parts supplier? I've done business with Zagmunt (sp?) in Pennsylvania with good success. Any other recommendations?

Next question: I think it would be a good idea to get rid of the points and condenser. I seem to remember that Crane made some kind of a conversion thing...maybe XR-700? Does that ring a bell? How about the Petronix system. What's everyone’s opinion? How much is the electronic conversion? Where can I get it?

I’m located near Greenville and Spartanburg, SC. Any 02 buffs near me?

Thanks to all

Jim Rollins

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Guest Anonymous


URL: http://www.02tii.com/links.asp

Congratulations on the new 2002!

To answer your parts supplier question from a fellow

East coaster, I'd have to say that the FAQ forum and

any links from the forum are the best bet as far as

support, price, and avail/findability. Here is a link I'm sure you've seen already, but it can be of help

when looking for where to start.

http://www.02tii.com/links.asp Of course your

location plays a major factor (I am on the east coast

and many of the quality '02 places are everywhere

else...) I have had to use Bavauto in NH for tune-up

parts often and have had "okay" luck as far as

support/price (make sure you speak to Alan, he is

probably the only one there who knows '02's) Any

other parts (i.e "restoration" parts") or hard to

find are usually available on the "for sale" side of

the FAQ. Just ask and you'll probably get a response

in a few hours. I'd suggest to continuously ask

around the FAQ as suppliers, cost, and availability

change often and chances are you are not the only one

looking for what you will be looking for. Follow me?

Of course I gotta plug my local '02 guru


Happy motoring!


amazon '74 O==00==O

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Guest Anonymous


you came to the right place. tons of info on this site. check links for vendors. we all have our favorites... you will find yours. Those Zygmut , whatever, i dont like their site so i dont use them. i like to use a smaller vendor and establish a "friendship" with them- in case stuff goes wrong. Check the archives, search function here for upgrades/problems/hints, and also check out Roadfly 2002 message Board- it is a place that we all left( for many reasons) , but there are some very knowledgeable people, still there, who can help you . All you do is register- no big deal, free, and put up with the "rules" But it is a resource, especially the archives. Hope you enjoy your 73 and i am certain there are Board members near your home. Welcome aboard.

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Guest Anonymous

Matt_P is in Columbia and there about 50 or so of us in the Right part of the Carolinas(North). We have various get togethers throught the year, Check out the website for info at www.the02group.com We had 18 02 at Der Wienerfest at my house this summer.

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