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Running with the Bulls....

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just got home from a quick 2 day adventure in Tahoe with the Senior Six Registry gang( Bavarias, 2500s, 3.0s, etc... 4 door people, 6 cylinder people). Anyway, i guess they thought they were going to be able to belittle the token 02 guy's little 4 banger car , lol.... didnt happen ! The A4 stayed with the big dog lead pack on the 160 mile north of the lake back road romp and never was passed by no stinkin 6 banger sedan! I dont think my car quite expected the thorough thrashing it received, but hey, what did I put it together for? Car held its own and then some, staights at 100 + and we all suffered big time brake fade during the day. couple bavs had hiccups of one kind or another , that we were able to fix and the pack all made it back safe and summons -less. Got to say- those Bav. guys sure know how to throw a party: house right on the lake with about 100 beds( it seemed- i slept on mt Costco cot and air matress in sleeping bag on the deck and went to sleep listening to the water lap aganst the rocks and the sound of rocks( ice) hitting glass as one of the boyz poured another.... Fantastic Bar-B-Que after the saturday drive: all in all. a perfect celebration of the pain and pleasure of owning and driving the hell out of Bavaria's finest. LOL., I took the predicted insults and ribbing for owning a 2002( no less 2 of them) , but the car did so well ( i dont think these boyz have ever encountered an A4 before) that i was invited back . Anyway- now that i have seen how it can be done with a pack of 8 cars: i will try to get the top secret map and try to do something similar with an 02 group in the future. We will invite a Bavaria guy to abuse- symmetry must be maintained. Definately, renting a Tahoe ski/summer house is the way to go in the future. Much better to have all under 1 roof enjoying the whole experience together than to be spread out among a dozen motels. Works out to be a lot cheaper too! I have lots of pics i took of the cars on the road while i was strapped in and strying not to pooch my car to get the great shot. Well, the A4 is definately "broken -in" now! So next time you meet a Bavaria owner ask them if they are a member oof the SSR( Senior Six Registry). If yes, then they are probably worth talking car stuff with. Those guys are as possessed about their cars as we are. All great stuff.

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