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Fuel pump for side drafts

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous


I have a Facet pump in my car. It seems to flow enough fuel. PO installed it when his standard pump pagged it. (It is in the trunk so it stinks the trunk up with petrol smells. I left some items of clothing in there for like 2 days and they came out pretty stong!) I only installed my 45s a short time ago. Anyhow, it does tick reasonably loudly. Also, i have had some issues with it recently. Dunno if this is isolated or a regular occurrance, but the contacts inside are sticking or something. Was driving home 2 nights ago and the thing just wasn't pulling. Then it stopped. When the thing ran out of fuel and died, I could hear the pump was ticking very erratically. I thought it was the relay feeding it, but no. When u hit the pump it clears up. Will have to have a play with it.

I hope this helps. I hear holley also make a pump suitable for phat carbs like our sidedrafts. PO of my webers used one. dunno any dtails though.

Oh yeah, regardless of what brand of pump you use, IT MUST BE HIGH VOLUME - LOW PRESSURE!!! Otherwise bad stuff happens when the fuel pushes past the needle valve and makes stuff too rich. You need 1.5-2.5psi of pressure, otherwise u may need to fit a fuel pressure regulator.

Good luck,

Michael Smola

pov 75 inka

73 chamonix with a phat set of honkin' 45s

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