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Front column repair (long, many pictures)

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous


URL: http://www.2002tii-restoration.org

I have moved my web site to a new host, however I was unable to keep my old domain name (it's a long story). Anyhow, www.2002tii-restoration.com is now www.2002tii-restoration.org. Due to the hosting problems, and being just plain busy, I haven't had time for any updates to the site for quite a while, so I wanted to share some pictures here.

I spent the summer repairing the driver's side front column. You can see from the pictures how badly rusted it was.



The chunk missing in the picture above was cut out earlier in order to get an idea of how bad things were. They were pretty bad... I started by removing the back part of the inner fender support. This mess will get repaired later in the process.


Afer the fender bracket was removed, I cut away the first four inches or so of the rocker panel. Even though this section of the rocker looked basically ok from the outside, it was in pretty bad shape on the inside. Both rocker panels will be replaced later.


I am using an aftermarket patch panels from Walloth and Nesch. I clamped it into place in order to determine where to make my cuts.


After much cutting and drilling the piece was removed. Only surface rust was revealed, what a relief.


A small section of the inner-rocker needed repair, so I fabricated a patch out of 16 GA. and welded it in.



I drilled lots of holes for plug welding. Everything got cleaned up and received a coat of POR-15. Then, I sanded the POR-15 back from the weld area and applied some weld-through primer.


With the column repair welded in, I turned my attention to inner fender panel. I cut out the rusty stuff and welded in some nice shiny 20 GA.



A little welding, a little grinding, and voila.


And now for this mess...


Thanks for the bandwidth!



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Guest Anonymous

In the last pic, is there a hole in the interior of the a-pillar? It looks like there is one, and there is one on my 02. I had been thinking it was done by the PO or a mechanic to fish an antenna wire or something. Maybe this is a factory hole. This would be hard to believe because it looks like someone took a torch to burn a hole in there.

Any way great work!

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Guest Anonymous

plastic plug; the larger one is open. Both make great accesses for spray rustproofing down in the cavity where Martin's car was rusted. There's a whole row of the small holes (with plugs) along the inner frame rails under the carpet--easy way to rustproof the rocker panels.



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Guest Anonymous


the hole is not a stamped cutting, but a o/a torched cutting (very rough oblong shape, not exact). The above picture from Martin shows the area (and what looks like a hole) on the apillar metal that faces the interior/ It is the dark spot right behind the 'U' shaped rusty metal that sticks up in the mid-top of the pic.



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Guest Anonymous

polaroid June.jpg

you have got a great eye for details and metal

work. if you ever want to get behind the wheel give

me a ring and you can get your kicks driving my




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