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common ground - horn and indicators fixed!

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

Last week (I think it was last week) I posted a question with regards to my indicators and horn not working after the winter off. I a suggestion from Mike to check the grounds near the blinker relay... and post my findings.

Well, having not driven the car, I was out last night in a parking lot only to hear someone laying on their horn! for no apparent reason - even having people in the stores loking out the windows at the idiot on the horn, only to realize that it was me!!! imagine my shock and surprise :0)

Anyway, it seems the indicators and horn have spontaniously and miracously fixed themselves (mind you the horn contact needs to be fixed as it is stuck on)... but otherwise all is good.

What do I have to add to this... well, strange things obviously happen!!! of course, it is an 02! what else is new!!! haha!

thanks to all your help (Mike)


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