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FS/FT Random Stuff! Dash knobs, emblems, shift knob, etc.

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Everything is for sale or for trade, i will consider trades, anything you got. Email me at [email protected] for any more information! Down at the bottom i have a list of all the other stuff i have for sale, from a 1969 2002, and a 1982 318i, once again all of that is for sale or for trade!

emblems, gas tank cap, turn signal, ash tray, complete center ash tray assembly, window rollers, grab handles


heat knob, wiper knob, cigarette lighter, leather? shift knob


Brake master cylinder


BMW 2002 parts:

-Back windsheild, good condition, no scratches

-set of stock springs

-set of stock shocks

-back spoiler

-bumper pieces

-oem turning signals in like new condition, i have pictures of them lit up attached to a battery

-weber 32/36 carburator, this is the best carb for power gain without making your car a gas gussler

-Strut bar, red, great condition, freshly painted

-wink mirror

-door handles with matching locks

-a bunch of ciggarette lighters & ash trays

BMW 1982 318i parts:

-BMW M10 engine, running, mileage is about 130k

-Shifter brace and shifter

-Fog light

-Drive Shaft Gimble

-Clutch Master Cylinder

-Engine Management System (Computer)


-Exhaust midpipe

-Exhaust downpipe

-Drive Shaft

-Oil Cooler or Transmission cooler


-Radiator Fan

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