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Very genuine and avoidable danger caused from New Year’s cra

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New Year's Eve is, as all holidays are in the period between becoming an adult and when kids come to the picture, a reason to get wasted. However, the aftermath is that New Year’s crashes are a pandemic and one of the most severe days to be on the street. Are you in the market to sell or buy a new or used Ford Pickup Ranger Spokane WA? If this relates to you, find out more on our websites at CarDealExpert.com!

Crashes on New Year’s

Snopes.com pointed out that August 3 is a bad day for crashes. In fact, from 1986 to 2002, there were 2,413 crash deaths on August 3 compared to 2,411 for Jan 1 in that period. That means, according to the info from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety that New Year’s Eve and day are not really the worst days on the road for crash deaths.

July 3 and July 4 are much worse, with and 2,534 and 2,743 crash fatalities, respectively, in that period.

Pedestrian deaths due to crashes are much higher on New Year’s day though. The worst day of the year was January 1 during that time with 410 deaths, followed closely by Halloween at 401 fatalities during those years.

AAA wants to remind every person

AAA has asked that everyone who is going to drink alcohol should get a taxi or ask for a ride thinking about accidents on New Year’s involving alcohol are much higher than any other time of year, according to AutoGuide.

According to the New York Times, more crashes on New Year’s actually involve alcohol than any other time. Between 2004 and 2009, IIHS data showed half of all accidents on New Year’s had drivers with a blood alcohol level over 0.08 percent. That number is only 40 percent on St. Patrick’s Day and 40 percent on July 4.

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found in an examination of Dec. 31 to January 5 2009, alone, 40 percent of the 468 fatal crashes involved an impaired driver.

Get a free cab

There are a variety of free cab programs accessible in cities for New Year’s because so many cities are worried about accident fatalities. This the best way to save lives and cash; maybe the city in your area is willing to cover your cab fare on the night to keep you out of the driver’s seat.

It is not like you will pay the same for a cab as you would for a payment on an automobile from Michael's Toyota of Bellevue.

It surely pays to be responsible and pay the cab fare anyway. If you get caught with a DUI or with vehicular manslaughter charges, you will need cash to pay a lawyer anyway.



New York Times


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