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I have a 76 02 and am ready to lower the car. I

have found some H&R springs that will take the

car down 1.25". I was wondering if they make

anything for my car that will bring it down lower or if

going lower than that won't work for my car? I am

lowering my car partly for looks but mostly for


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Guest Anonymous

My Photos&.dnm=Sickness 3.jpg&.src=ph&.view=t

I am running close to same set up now with 205 40 16's. (honda offsets with spacers and longer front lugs)I can send you some pics of my car if you want.

I am probably gonna go with custom shortened coilovers in the future though. Check out Steve K's car.(I think he's the guy that put this board together) Mine will probably end up just a little higher. Steve tells me I will be hitting speed bumps a lot so I am hoping to minimize that. My 16's may have a hard time clearing the coilover spring perches too. Another advantage of coilovers is the increase in camber plate adjustability due to smaller upper spring perches. For the rear, Ireland engineering is supposed to have some springs that match up without going to coilovers if I'm not mistaken. To go to coilovers in the back it takes reinforcement of the shock towers and maybe more than I'm not aware of at this time.I can probably steer you towards some other resources if you want being I'm studying the options myself right now.

The good thing about being broke is you do your homework instead of rushing out and buying stuff you're not going to be happy with.

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