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Dry Ice, about how many lbs of it to remove tar pads from fl

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Guest Anonymous

I bought 50lbs of dry ice pieces just for the purpose you describe. My 2002 is sitting in the shop area of my office; I'm renting space in an industrial park--rollup door kinda place, with a small office partitioned off from the main shop. I dumped the dry ice all over the stripped out interior. Worked like a charm, cracked everything up easily, except for those patches on the transmission tunnel and rear seat back bulkhead.

A few hours later, after lunch, I took a phone call and felt most uncomfortable. Kinda like I was hiking up at Lake Tahoe or something. Had to breathe extra deep, felt like I was on the top of a mountain. I figured I had too much to eat at lunch, and decided I'd better start going to the gym. A while later I'm talking to the other guy who works in the office, and he's trying to explain something to me. I notice that he's having to breathe deeply, sort of labored.

"Hmmm," I say, "do you notice a distinct lack of oxygen in here?" "Wow, yeah. Lets go outside."

We propped open the front door and rolled up the shop door for a while. Felt wonderful, all that oxygen. Nothing like it. I haven't bothered to calulate how many liters of CO2 gas at room temperature/pressure comes out of 50lbs of the stuff, but I guess it's enough to affect the atmosphere of a 1000sq foot by 20 ft high shop. My biology friends tell me that hemoglobin is set up to dump oxygen whenever it experiences a high concentration of CO2. This is the mechanism by which oxygen is delivered to your cells, and CO2 is taken away. So if you crank up the CO2 in your atmosphere, you're oxygen deprived far beyond what straight percentages reveal.


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