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cv 101 questions...

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

URL: http://www.marsmann.com/2002tii/

Hey all,

Ok. First time swapping out CV's. I have:


w/3.91 LSD from 320is

using 83 CV joint ends to mate to the diff

has to be 6 bolt/10mm.

I read in my book(s) something about marking the cv's to the driveshaft for balancing, but I see no markings. I don't see what the difference would be as they are the same all around end to end. Where should I mark them?

Before I put these on my new shafts and bolt them down, what is my manual talking about?

Where do I "balance" these things...?

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Guest Anonymous

If you were removing and replacing the original CVs, i.e. taking apart a halfshaft, cleaning and greasing, and putting it back together, it would be a good idea to mark the CV and the halfshaft so you know how it came apart. That way, you can put it back together just as it came apart, so that the factory balance job is preserved.

But your situation is different. You have '83 inner joints on earlier shafts, with earlier outer joints. If you are just doing this conversion now, I suppose you could send your halfshafts, assembled with the new inner CVs, out to a driveshaft shop to have them balanced. Most people never bother. CVs are a fairly uniformly manufactured part, so your new CVs probably aren't out of balance by themselves. If you put everything together and you get an annoying thrumming at highway speed, and it wasn't there before, then maybe you have a halfshaft balance problem.


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