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The big small step



Headliner done...


I decided to paint protect the nose, leading edge of the flares and the lower half of the rear quarter behind the wheels. 


The nose will chip like crazy, given the geometry.  Can't be helped.  The stuff is nearly invisible...


Back in my garage for some final trim, rear quarter windows and a bit of electrical.  Big step.


Car in the 3M shop for protection


Back home (ya, that feels good!) 


Seam on the car...





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I love your wheels!!!  This is what I'm hoping my will look like when I'm done with it. One small question and this is not a knock on your vehicle - but is there a way the black rubber seal from the bumper be able to blend in naturally to the flares. I haven't got to that point yet so I was wondering.



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No, I get it


Just careful tucking of the rubber. It popped out a bit since I put the flares on. Need to undo a few screws and tuck some more.  The original mounting on the turbos was done with a seperate rubber strip for the wheel flares and the dam. You could try one strip all along and snip the inner corner if you want to try for something more continuous.


I actually did a fair bit of fiberglass work to build up the front dam a bit in the corners not to over stress the dam when it was mounted flush on the nose. It is a brand new BMW nose mounted at the spec'd hieght

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