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Look what I found



I happened to run across the kid that sold me the 2002 last week and was asking him about the engine that he had taken out of the car before I bought it. He wasn't sure where it was anymore as he had taken it to a friends house to try tearing it apart, but he would see if he could find it. So we exchanged phone numbers and i proceeded to head out to the storage to start pulling the manual pedal box, and no more than 20 minutes after the fact he texted me and said that he had found the engine and he would now love to sell it to me.

Thinking that it might be nice to have the original block for rebuilding if the parts car one isn't in good shape I asked where it was and if it was possible to go see it. After looking around in the field this is what I found!!




Glad to have found it but now I am faced with the challenge of getting it home to strip it down for rebuilding. Perhaps I will pop the transmission and a few other bits off and see about lifting it into the back of the truck -- how heavy can it be anyways! lol


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I don't know what to say. That makes me want to throw up. Who does that????

I'm glad you found it, and I look forward to seeing how you restore her to her former glory.

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It looks cleaner and nicer than my engine and the dipstick handle (is that the word) is still yellow!!

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I was very surprised at how clean it looked as well. This car is just begging to get back on the road imo

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