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Man I love this car



So between a couple of spring clean up runs to the dump, and ticking off a few things from the wife TO DO LIST I found a couple of hours to work on the engine. Have mentioned this a couple of times before but working on this car has been a dream. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought it possible to tear the transmission, intake, smog pump and assorted other things in such a short time. Much different from the Mustangs and Jeeps I have worked on in the past


Top end looked pretty good.


Good spot for the smog pump - it won't be getting reused.



He said that the car had overheated and the previous owner suspected a warped head as there was a coolant leak, but further teardown will tell us the truth.

So far it looks like it might be rescuable, not going to be using the original head as it will be replaced with a 1.8l head to accommodate the fuel injection and eventual turbo. Heading back to work tonight so will have to wait 5 days to get into it further. Next step will be taking the head off, inspecting the pistons and piston walls and finding some friends to help me bring it home - actually who needs friends! It can't be heavy once broken down.......

Anyone need some parts??


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