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  1. Given that the 1502 is just a detuned 1602 it cant be that difficult to find the missing 10hp. They both have the same carburetor, Solex 38 PDSI, so I'm not sure what it could be. According to the handbook 1502 does 0-140km in 36.0 sec and a 1602 is 0-140km in 29.0 sec.
  2. This postage and import duty is becoming a racket. I think the mob is involved! I live in the UK and occasionally buy stuff from the US. Stuff being imported in to the UK incurs a 10% import duty on items & postage valued over $30 + VAT at 20% + a customs handling charge of £8 or £10 depending up the import agent + postage. I tried to buy an 02 owners handbook the other day, value $30 and the USPS wanted $59 for postage so the total cost to me would have been $30 + $59 (£71.53) + £7.15) (import duty) + £14.30 (VAT) + £8 = £100.98 ($125.67). The price quadrupled. Its a racket I tell you. Needless to say I didnt do the deal. How come I can import five widgets (clock mechanisms) from China for $5.70 all in? It makes no sense to me.
  3. The old fashioned way to cure run on was to blip the throttle as you turned off the ignition. Well it works with a carb and accelerator pump. Not sure about K-fish. Nows our opportunity to find out!
  4. You could dispense with the offset mount by spinning the standard top mount 180 degrees and drilling 3 new holes a bit inboard.
  5. All US-Version Owners’s Guide / Handbook supplements from the first “01 41 9 099 860 2,5 VIII.67” through to the last “01 41 9 099 788 US 7. Edition 11. I. 76” show a picture of the cluster with the test button and light with an explanation of how to use it. Confusingly they also show other pictures of the cluster without the test button! I assume that the US supplement would be used together with the English language Rest of the World Handbook. The first ROTW handbook to show the red warning light (with out the bulb test function) is “01 41 9 099 931 e 15 X.71” for the new Modelle 71 wherein it states “Warning Lamp (red) for fuel reserve, handbrake and choke pull knob (latter doesn’t apply to 2002 Automatic and tii). This description remained the same until at least the last 1502 handbook “01 41 9 760 221 e 13.0-XII.75” (without reference to 2002A or tii). I don’t have the final English language handbook for 1602-2002tii “01 41 9 099 781 e 3. V. 76” so cant confirm any details. Pdfs of handbooks and supplements can be found at
  6. You are right. I should have taken a closer look at Pat's photos and comments. Panic over! These are really quite cheap on ebay. I gained the impression that there may be more than one type. The position of the solenoid seems to vary.
  7. The old fashioned way to do it, was to use wax. Candle wax. Heat the "thing" then dab the candle on it so that the wax, wicks its way between the two "things". Let it cool, then unscrew it. Simples!
  8. Whoa WHOA!!!!! I think the nose on that starter is too short. Below is an M20 and M30B28 (the bottom one). Spot the difference: I am running the M30B28 in my tii. The nose is about 20mm longer.
  9. Interesting, but does the business end match up? In other words are the front casing and pinion the same.A picture of that would be very interesting.
  10. I thought this topic Was very interesting. May be of use for members in Oz, as M20 260/5s may be easier to come by.
  11. I wonder how hard it would be to fit a box from a Datsun/Honda/Toyota/etc. Some measurements and an adaptor plate?
  12. I agree with everyones comments regarding rebuilding. Just DON'T do it. Find a 5 speed and change its oil. When I had Jaymic fit a 5 speed to mine they refused to fit any old box. It had to be a rebuild or nothing, so being a naive and foolish person, I went head with their suggestion. Yes you guessed it, it graunched going into 2nd, up, down, double declutching, fast, slow, the damn thing graunched. Its got better with time and an oil change however.
  13. Well said jimk. There is so much BS out there when it comes to oil.
  15. Well done Steve (, even if we do bitch and moan a bit when you do site upgrades!) Regards John.