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  1. After twenty-one years I am without an 02. This is how she was in a lock-up when I first bought her A happier time on the way to Le Man and this is her leaving for the last time Bit gutted really. I have really enjoyed contributing to this site and hope that you lot keep up the good work. Regards JohnH
  2. If it was running before you parked it up, I wouldnt do anything other than charge the existing battery, then turn the key.
  3. I fitted an 80amp alt from an early E28 to my tii. As far as the wiring is concerned, all you need to do is unplug the now unused regulator (leave to old regulator in place so it looks nice), make up a 3" long blue jumper cable to fit between the new alternator and the old connector. Job done. No other wiring changes necessary and you can easily go back to original if you want to.
  4. JohnH

    Guibo... Oh my.

    I've always pronounced it JEW BOW.
  5. JohnH

    tii fuel pumps

    There are two different main pumps used on the E28. The variety that requires an in tank lift pump and the variety that doesn't. I believe that most NA models are the former. In the Rest of the World only the larger engined models received the former. 518i, 520i and the 525e mostly used the latter. Its is this pump that you would want to use in a tii.
  6. You do know that most people on this board are on the other side of the planet dont you, so postage will be a problem? You could try local sources such as Jaymic on 01263 768768. I find them most amenable.
  7. Just to play devils advocate. The one great benefit of this policy, is that it has stopped you yanks from stripping the world bare of parts. For example, us europeons cant cant buy an E28 chrome rear bumper centre section, any more, for love nor money. Pulling my head in now!
  8. JohnH

    tech ..... markings on bolt heads

    Metric nuts and bolts also have a manufacturers mark. Anyone have a list of those?
  9. JohnH

    M10 - Seized??

    Bad starter solenoid (its the bit on top of the starter, with the wires attached to it). Try tapping a couple of times gently with a steel rod from the top (dont let the rod touch the wiring contacts!).
  10. You need to be careful as some modern plugs dont have screw off ends.
  11. JohnH

    playing witb my Hunter K111

    How level is your floor/stands? Are your tire pressures equal side to side? In your pictures the rear thrust angle keeps changing, so it would seem the car/wheels/tires are not level. Can you measure corner weights (to explain camber/toe changes at the rear)?
  12. JohnH

    AutoSol or Mothers

  13. I bet they put the gear selector rod #6 on the wrong side.
  14. JohnH

    Period Correct Toolkit

    The bag is definitely the genuine article. The screwdriver is a reversible German. I think all this talk of green, red and grey is a load of modern Mumbo Jumbo. BMW accepted whatever met spec. That yellow one has been in that bag for at least 30 years that I can verify.