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  1. Well said jimk. There is so much BS out there when it comes to oil.
  3. Well done Steve (, even if we do bitch and moan a bit when you do site upgrades!) Regards John.
  4. This is the WTB
  5. Where exactly in America is Raleigh Durham Airport?
  6. I wouldnt lubricate it at all. Its not like you'll be sliding it back and forth every day.I would vacuum it every so often however.
  7. Seems ok to me.
  8. I can just about understand beautifying the "finger and thumb", But the rest of it? I'm with harold on this. Didnt Lycoming have a few problems with BZP, like propellers flying off over the horizon leaving the hapless aircraft to fend for it self.
  9. Dash Cam footage or it didnt happen! I did try looking on youtube but all I could find was Drifting. Very boring.
  10. I'm no expert, but, having in the past worked in the petrochemical industry, gasoline was always considered to be the final stage crap that came out of the cracking column. In other words its constituent parts were determined by earlier stage requirements and processes. The crude oil has a significant impact on the process. High sulphur/low sulphur etc. Great changes have taken place with regard to sourcing crude oil and environmental requirements have lead to significant changes to requirements. Gasoline was not the major purpose for refining crude, rather creating base stocks for various other chemical processes and as those requirements have changed, and therefore the residue that is left. Gasoline has never made money for oil companies. If they cant flare it off, then they are forced to dispose of it via filling stations.
  11. I think John is alluding that you can get special spot weld drill bits.
  12. I had exactly the same problem after reviving my car after a five year lay up. I did a write-up about fixing it (halfway down the first page).
  13. I seem to remember my old man had to stump up 30% to import into NZ during the '60s.