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Wife wasn't happy when I rolled this up to the house - in her words "why do you have more JUNK" - so going to have to prove her wrong! lol

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So while installing the subframe, between getting cranky when the subframe slipped off the jack, thought I would experiment with a colour for the engine bay. The purists might hate it but as mentioned numerous times my car isnt being built for show, just to go!! Although there are still quite a few holes I need to fill on the drivers side the colour doesn't look too bad in my opinion and definitely cleans up the engine compartment, which needs to get done before I can put the new engine between the rails. 


In the first picture I sprayed the left side and left the original paint in the top right so that they could be looked at side by each. Ignore the wiring harness which needs to be cleaned up, have to go through the whole thing to get rid of the engine components as the stand alone should deal with most of it. Heading back to work tonight but will hopefully get the remainder of the front suspension in place - still waiting for the Bilsteins to get off back order to finish up the rears :o




Was a nice day today so decided to get a few little things taken care of on the 02 today. As I am working outside and for the most part by myself I decided to install the suspension parts piece by piece rather than assemble the whole thing and try to balance it up into place. Before putting the subframe in place i pulled the bolts out of the frame rails and started cleaning up the site, not going to be a concours car but still like to have things clean. Not sure if it was factory or not but there was a lot of sticky stone guard material that had to be scraped before covering it up with rust protection and then paint. Once that was done I cleaned up all the threads with the trusty tap and die kit - if you dont have one of these I highly recommend getting one, takes a little time but the results are AMAZING! Nothing like being able to properly torque bolts down, and you will be surprised just how much rust and gunk can be removed as you can see in the one picture.


Lots more coming and will take some pictures of the rattle can engine bay spray once the rain stops enough for me to go snap a few










Well folks it has been a long winter, and although the blog kind of took a backseat to life the car hasn't been ignored. There has been a ton of stuff going on with the car, from tracking down the machinist who has my original block to using the old tap and die kit on every nut and bolt that I can find. Will get back to posting with some pictures coming next week ( heading back to work for the next 5 days or they would be going up now ). 


Want to say thanks to the gang at BluntTech for spending all my money! haha But seriously you guys are awesome, not to mention the ICE CREAM .....


Enjoy the spring where ever you might be


Sweet and Sour

Lots of activity in the car build but not a lot on here so thought that I had better try to be more diligent in posting something 


Just got home from the upholsterer and have a little of the sweet and sour taste in my mouth. Originally my intention was to take the Scheel seats in get recovered and then find an e24 rear seat to match up later, but after seeing what has been done with a stock rear seat I figured what could it hurt to see how it turns out. 


So today I dropped off the door and rear panels and he mentioned that he was finished my seats, and asked if I wanted to take them home. We went into the shop and the first thing I saw were the Scheels, but the centre section just didn't look right for some reason and felt a little let down, but then i got a look at the rear seats and LOVED THEM!! Couldn't believe how different they looked, almost to the point where I considered bringing him my stock fronts to do them the same way. 


After driving the hour and a half to get home I immediately took the rear seats, the only ones  that could fit in the All Road, and placed them in the barren cab to see how they looked, and the sweet taste made me smile. 


My door cards weren't good enough to recover so going to have to order a new set and take them back, when I go pick up the front seats. Just need to match a carpet from Esty and a headliner and maybe my wife and kids will sit in it again....









Back at it

Been a rough winter of inactivity, but with the weather getting warmer I am happy to say that things are starting to get rolling again. Went and picked up a few parcels that were waiting for me and they really got me excited about getting the 02 back on the road.


With the arrival of the turbo manifold turbo and waste gate all i need is a few more pieces to complete the engine rebuild 






Santa came early

A few days ago I got off work and drove 3 hours to meet a guy who was kind enough to offer me an engine block after hearing about the machinist situation i was in. During our discussions about the 2002s and racing he told me that he had a number of other parts that I might be interested in. A few emails later and we had come to an agreement on a whole lot more than I ever could have anticipated, Bill if you are on here THANK YOU VERY MUCH! 


So to make a long story short we met in Calgary transferred the parts to my car and parted ways rather quickly as it was too cold to talk much longer. My wife wasn't too happy about the new presents under the tree, but how could I resist.


There was much more but had to contain my excitement.IMG_2573.JPG















New Seats?

Went out to look at a set of axles for my FSJ and while walking through the yard a Celica caught my eye. Remembering that a friend was looking for some parts for his AE86 13b project I proceeded to go take a look, and when i looked into the cab the seats reminded me of a set of Corbeau seats so after a little coaxing I convinced the owner to let me take one home to see if it would work in my 2002. I know I know the purists out there will hate it but they looked comfortable with some good bolster so tore one out and brought it home.


The only real issue with the frames are the feet that are riveted on for mounting into the Celica, so removing them and then either building a new mounting system or something to work with the 2002 location shouldn't be too hard. Then it will only be a matter of getting them reupholstered to match the Esty carpet set that will be going into the car.










Winter is coming

Well my engine status is still unknown, the machinist's shop has been closed, his telephone number goes right to voicemail every time which means that my plan of getting this car on the road before the snow falls wont happen. After coming to this realization these past few weeks I decided that over the coming winter I will complete the suspension rehabs, get the engine bay prepped for an engine and hopefully get the interior completed. Really only care about getting a drive train back in the car, right now but if there is time why not.


This last week, with the help of my friend and his torch, was able to get the struts out of the housings and remove the bolts holding the pesky CV joint that wouldn't let go. While working on cleaning up the threads on the strut housing he started talking about changing over to coilers, and although I had no intention of going that route it looks like that might part of the winter projects. He is a drifter who runs two AE86's, one with a Honda S200 engine and one with a tweaked Rotary pushing 400 horses, both of which run coil overs, and once he explained a few things to me it makes a lot of sense. 


Guess this is the last time these strut housings will look like this. Got to research short stroke coilovers and find out what works best in the BMW world.


Wish me luck







After battling with the e21 rear diff, it was a royal pain in the arse getting the old CV bolts etc etc out of the diff, for a weekend it is finally apart. On a side note taking it down to the local garage and paying the $30 to remove the pinion shaft is a MUCH easier than battling it in the driveway using words the kids aren't supposed to hear. :D


The insides are out now I need to find the LSD unit to slide back in there along with new bearings and races. Wish me luck trying to find one at a decent price.....








E21 sacrifice

I am always searching Kijiji, the Canadian version of Craigslist I believe, for old BMWs and parts to repair them and I happened to come across someone with a field full of old BMWs and after a few conversations about what he had we struck a deal and yesterday the first batch arrived! They were purchased for a piece that was attached to it, the diff will come off the subframe and be gutted for an LSD unit, the rear control arms will get the brake system removed and the front strut assemblies will be stripped for the hubs, but the price for the entire delivery was less that it would cost for buying the individual pieces so I am happy with the deal. 


Will start stripping the stuff down today and see how it goes. Just need to make sure that some of this stuff can't be used before sending it to the dump.


Thanks for reading





Ran out to finish taking the head off my e30 donor and got a very nice surprise. Not only was the engine in better shape that I expected, upon further inspection of the head I found a Dr Schrick cam sitting in the head!! I don't know when it was installed, the last owner bought the car to drift it but wasn't happy when he found the 4 cylinder under the hood and didn't bother to get it running. It had an aftermarket alarm system installed, if you want to call it that (lots and lots of cut wires and black tape), so my thoughts were the starter cut relay hadn't been installed properly and the car wasn't able to start.


I wasn't too concerned as it was the chassis that interested me, and the 4 cylinder was going to come out for either a m30 or m62. Only after getting bitten with the 02 bug did it dawn on me to use it for the EFI parts as it was purchased for around the price of the EFI pieces. Lucky me gets the EFI bits and pieces for my 02 and the chassis will be waiting once the brown bomber is running around. 


Don't have a lot of time but here are the pictures from today.....











Waiting for the engine block to be finished is killing me! Everyday I am home and walk past the car it feels like my goal of getting her on back on the road is getting away from me. So I decided to break into some of the stuff that I can do ...


Namely the heater core. With the interior already apart and the help of all you fine folks here at FAQ the heater core found its way onto the floor of the car and then into shop for a tear down and inspection. The whole thing went very smoothly and I was glad this was done as the material attached to the flaps was ready to fall apart, it actually disappeared when I cleaned everything up with soap and water, and the blower motor ran but the bushings were worn out and it didn't move a lot of air.


With the postal strike hanging over our heads here, I am going to have to ship to my American address and get this thing ready for when the engine does finally finish up







It has been a while since there has been any real progress on the car. The wife has kept me busy with her "honey do" list recently. 


But today I went out to my e30 318 EFI donor car to start disassembly and was pleasantly surprised with what I found when I took off the cover. 


Not even sure this thing has been used it was so clean! Couldn't take it off with the intake for some reason so let's hope the underside looks as clean. 


More soon







Well today another car was sacrificed to help get my 2002 on the road. Was out at the wreckers looking at the rear subframe from an e30 to massage into my car when I saw a 90s Ford Escort that had been Tboned, and remembered that there were parts that could be used for EDIS so out came the tools. 


The odds and ends up top were easy enough to get to but the crank pulley and sensor were a whole different story. After fighting off the dandelions and waist high grass I went and got the owner to lift it up with his loader and they came out without too much hassle. Well the one side of the sensor broke off but all in all a good day.


40 dollars well spent in my opinion!





Braved the cold

Well today I woke up to a layer of frost / ice on the windshield and the deck, it made walking outside an adventure!!

Despite the cold weather I was bound and determined to make some progress on the car between the wife's honey do list and the kids wanting to play, so i pulled the pressure washer out of the shed and set my sights on the rear subframe sitting in the driveway.



Despite a few hiccups with the pressure washer the whole thing cleaned up pretty well. Once again everything seems to be in good shape, the half shafts and CV joints areas look decent and although I didnt find an S on the side of the rear diff it looks not too bad for a 42 year old car.




Will begin tearing this down and getting it ready for rebuild and either modified for an LSD - either modifying it to fit an E30 unit or an E21 version.

Thanks for reading and hopefully will have some pictures of the E30 head removal next.....


Well spring seems to have come earlier than usual so took advantage of the good weather to put a little more time into the car - much to the dismay of my wife as usual!!

Although the front subframe is not reassembled, still have to weld the engine mount supports in, repaint and then reassemble, it was time for the rear subframe to divorce itself from the car. Haven't decided whether to clean this one up and reinstall or tackle the big job of putting an e30 rear subframe in its place. Still not sure which way to go but as an LSD rear end is a must the e30 seems like the way to go but then there is sooooo much more work to get it into the car.

ANYWAYS got things lifted up and ready to drop it out when the wife called me in for lunch. Reluctantly going inside I couldn't help but think that the time taken to eat could have been better spent dropping the subframe, but fighting with the wife only causes her to look more closely at the money spent on the JUNK CARS lol

After appeasing the wife and getting back outside I gave the subframe a quick yank to check how tight it was and it surprised me with a quick drop - right onto my finger!! Wrapping the bloody thing in my shirt I went inside and got the wife to help wrap it up before going back outside to work on the car. Who can pass up days like this right, and if you don't bleed on your car atleast once it isn't yours in my opinion!!


Here is it out!!

After hauling my daughters bike to school and watching her ride it home for the first time I got back to business tearing the interior apart. Didn't really intend to go as far as it did but the daughter wanted to help and I couldn't be stopped - not even by the wife!!!

First stage - front seats and carpet out!


Second stage remove the rear seats. What is this stuff??? Looks like steel wool



Do they make foam to replace the horse hair for the rear seats?


Or is it time to look for a set of e24 seats??

Once the seats were out the next step was the centre console and then onto the cardboard surrounding the trans tunnel - anyone want an intact centre section? lol

Lastly out came the vacuum for a quick cleanup before finishing up for the day


All in all a good day! Got some work done without getting in too much trouble with the wife, got the kids involved in the car and was pleasantly surprised at just how clean this car's interior really is.

Stay tuned for more updates....


Got lucky today

Last day off so ran out to the engine to try to make some more progress, hoping to take more pieces off to lighten it up and then get it back home for complete disassembly before taking it into the machine shop.

Started by tearing the head off hoping that things weren't going to be too bad, and this is what I found.


The block didnt seem to be too bad, with just the one piston looking rusted.


I am not expert but the head looks like it would take some serious clean up to make it work. Luckily this isn't the head that is planned to sit atop the block.

After rolling the engine over and wedging it between whatever I could find the oil pan was removed and what was found made me smile. Everything looks pretty clean with no signs of rust with the naked eye.



So the oil pan went back on and I started cleaning up for the drive home, going to get a friend to come help me haul this thing home next set of days off so wrapped everything up in large plastic bags and brought home what I could.

But before wrapping up the block I couldn't help but take a closer look at that one rusty looking piston. Diving my finger into the crud the piston moved a little downwards and all the crud started to come off VERY easily. After wiping everything off the cylinder walls look to be in good shape and the piston seemed to be moving around pretty easily.

Deciding to give it a try I grabbed the torque converter and moved it back and forth, and low and behold all the pistons moved with NO EFFORT at all. Cant wait to get this thing into the machine shop, and see just how much has to be done to it. When the PO said that he thought the engine was seized I had convinced myself that it would have to be a complete rebuild, but maybe it won't have to be that extensive.


Man I love this car

So between a couple of spring clean up runs to the dump, and ticking off a few things from the wife TO DO LIST I found a couple of hours to work on the engine. Have mentioned this a couple of times before but working on this car has been a dream. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought it possible to tear the transmission, intake, smog pump and assorted other things in such a short time. Much different from the Mustangs and Jeeps I have worked on in the past


Top end looked pretty good.


Good spot for the smog pump - it won't be getting reused.



He said that the car had overheated and the previous owner suspected a warped head as there was a coolant leak, but further teardown will tell us the truth.

So far it looks like it might be rescuable, not going to be using the original head as it will be replaced with a 1.8l head to accommodate the fuel injection and eventual turbo. Heading back to work tonight so will have to wait 5 days to get into it further. Next step will be taking the head off, inspecting the pistons and piston walls and finding some friends to help me bring it home - actually who needs friends! It can't be heavy once broken down.......

Anyone need some parts??


Look what I found

I happened to run across the kid that sold me the 2002 last week and was asking him about the engine that he had taken out of the car before I bought it. He wasn't sure where it was anymore as he had taken it to a friends house to try tearing it apart, but he would see if he could find it. So we exchanged phone numbers and i proceeded to head out to the storage to start pulling the manual pedal box, and no more than 20 minutes after the fact he texted me and said that he had found the engine and he would now love to sell it to me.

Thinking that it might be nice to have the original block for rebuilding if the parts car one isn't in good shape I asked where it was and if it was possible to go see it. After looking around in the field this is what I found!!




Glad to have found it but now I am faced with the challenge of getting it home to strip it down for rebuilding. Perhaps I will pop the transmission and a few other bits off and see about lifting it into the back of the truck -- how heavy can it be anyways! lol


Well it has been warm with the chinooks coming through lately so I decided to try and take care of another part of the TO DO LIST

Today's plan was the removal of the automatic pedal box to be replaced with the manual box from the parts car. After reading the tutorial from the site and thinking that it didn't sound all that bad, I grabbed some basic tools and headed into the backyard.

First step was to pull back the carpet to open things up. After removing the trim pieces and the panels under the dash - cut out and threw the speakers that had been hacked into this spot - I tried pulling the carpet up but apparently time hadn't been as kind to the carpets as it had to the rest of the car.


Oh well no biggie as I had plans to get some new stuff from Esty when the time comes. Nothing like bare metal to burn around in while the drivetrain gets done.

Everything was rolling along when I hit my first speed bump. According to the tutorial it wasn't necessary to remove the entire bolt that squeezes the lower pedal box to the upper brake booster are, all you had to do was loosen it off enough to allow the bottom half to wiggle out. But after loosening the nut and bolt off the passenger side just wouldn't loosen up, infact i couldn't get that side to move at all! Tried wedging a punch in there to loosen it up and hitting with a BFH but it just didn't want to play nice.

After around 30 minutes of wrestling with it I realized it was getting closer and closer to the time I had to go pick my daughter up from school SO made the decision to pull the top part of the assembly out. It has to be cleaned up and painted anyways so why not.

After unscrewing the brake lines, removing the master cylinder and loosening the nuts in the cabin area the whole thing came out without any real problems. It doesn't seem to be in that bad of condition, nothing a wire wheel and paint can't fix up.



Was hoping to simply remove the bolt that holds the pedal in place and reattach some manual pedals but I am being told that it is much more than just unbolting and bolting things back up so guess I will have to repeat the process with the manual box clean it up and put it back in.

Wanting to tear the box down for repair and refurbishing I tried removing the bars holding the brake booster in place and the bar that runs down to the brake pedal but after removing the retaining clips the bars didn't want to come off.



Running out of time i cleaned things up a little and headed out. All in all it felt good getting something done on the car, and still making it in time to bring the daughter home from school. Will have to wait till next week to pull the manual box out of the manual car but it I like the view from inside the engine compartment now.


Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more ......................


Cooking with gas

Well had another good day playing with my wife's worst nightmare lol

On my 24hour split - transition from day to night shift - my friend and I tore into reinforcing the trailing arms after torching the castle nut off and drilling out the ball joints. The torch is quickly becoming one of my new favourite tools - hadn't ever used one till this car.


Have welded in the past but almost gave up as every time I spent more time grinding the POPCORN down than welding. But luckily my friend is set up with gas and I couldn't believe what a difference it made. The still aren't perfect but 100% better than what i have done in the past and once they are covered with some chassis paint the chances of anyone noticing them will be slim. Of course I will ALWAYS know where the ugly ones are!!


With the little pieces torn out it is time for clean up and paint. Thanks for all the help and advice Grant - greatly appreciated!!

Next week going to attach some support to the front subframe and get it ready for paint...........


First Hurdle ..

Well while tearing apart the front suspension for cleaning, rebuild and paint, I ran into my first hurdle.


But it seems that it might be understandable as it seems to be the original ball joint? Looks like it is riveted in there.