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Samsonas 6-speed h pattern



As per title here’s some pics of mine. Bought it few years back with shifter. Had to modify shifter base to accomodate height to engage all gears. Connection rod needs to be parraller to gearbox in order to function properly. Also due space available i had to mount it backwards. Does not change function thou. Reverse gear lever needs to be pushed by palm but it’s not hard to get used to.

         Asked what oil i need to use. Answer was ”oil”. ”But don’t use red line”. I quess it leaves internals b&€*s to clean up when it’s time for overhaul? So i went with Comma 85W-140. Have worked well with it. I had to fab up guide tube for throw out bearing - some lathe time sortetd that out and i needed to grind some room for Getrag clutch slave cylinder - no biggie.

         Can be flat shifted w/out clutch although i tend use clutch and be gentle with it. Gear change? Eats from the hand. Very nice box. Heavy yes but should be strong.08D69DB2-EF88-4FB7-A10D-D9CF5407D283.thumb.jpeg.7c806f25d0ca78a3e80d0c1f44ec2ef1.jpegC540D0BD-DF75-4B9B-95E8-B261E4461986.thumb.jpeg.49cfda59e69c60953ceb099a65a854e0.jpeg20231115_203855.thumb.jpg.577766ec045080c62f3026b8435c74de.jpg

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No. Just annual oil change. Takes 1.5 L


Oh and then there is noise of straight cut gears... 

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