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All things 02 and maybe something else i fancy. ’71 Race car M10 1.8L Turbo & ’73 M2.

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Half shafts rehab

Had trouble with rubber bellow at race track. Changed spare but some grease left... I have type 188 diff and big cvj's but smaller 02 cvj's goes same way.   Time to have a look. Here is some carnage:    Orientation of the joint innards:next some centre piece pictures. These you don't want see. 1st is from 02 cvj. Pretty bad.   This is from larger joint. Not good.   Cage dimensions are same but kept them same way as they were.  


tzei in Half shafts

A hobby in a hobby: B48A20E

So cuz it was cheap. A lie of all lies right? I bought a seized engine out of  2021 F40 BMW M135i xdrive, 225 kW. Will this jorney ever lead to fruitation as in means of suplying a force to move a vehicle I do not know. I consider this a mental health project   First i stripped wiring harness and a few water hoses off and then it was time to remove oil pan for inspection. Rod bearings were toasted! #3 was worst. Mains looked fine but this was just caps off so no idea of upper shells

Rear disc brakes

So closing stages of gettiing M2 back on the road I wanted to adjust rear drums… Alert! Mission creep. Those shoe adjustment things were solid. Buggers didn’t wanna move no matter what. Then i thought f ’em, I’ll go disc. Many have done this & kits are available but after shipping & taxes cost would be too much. Because hobby I put tinkering mode on and went diy.   Called local chop chop if they had VW golf 3 or 4 rear calibers. Not surpisingly they did. Went to


tzei in Rear disc brakes

M10 baffled wet sump oil pan

Found some pics of my latest race wet sump i thought i share. This performed well. Total oil volume was about 5.5-6 L iirc. It's was ugly alright but b/c race car. Now my M2 has same type hinged baffle plates and uses S14 oe windage tray.   Changed over to a dry sump system when i moved engine further back.


tzei in Wet sump

Door windows

So as i’m going over M2 i’m replacing glasing to a tinted set i bought to my self as a birthday present. Othera are in and the doors are last to get done. So here is how i went about it.   Vent window As it’s usually referred, one has to push about half opened vent window frame downward in order to release it from upper pivot point (hinge). My r/side was pretty non co-operative and i made mistake of pulling outer frame upwards. As this did help releasing pivot point it also deform


tzei in Door windows

The head

So i made new valve tool that has individual rods to push valves out to fit a cam. It worked well. New Eibach double springs in. Old ones had lost about 3-4 kgs. Ti retainers. Seat pressures shimmed to 46 kg. At 11 mm lift they have about 90 kg. New KM rockers went in. Old (and earlier cast) had somewhat wear in them so it was time to change them. Also newer cast is lighter so that’s a plus. Adjusted rocker lash to 0.1 mm. Valve clearenses set to 0.25 mm. My valve press is pretty lame looking bu


tzei in The head

Light doors GF

So i bought DIY kit from Germany years back. Glass fibre but blown, not rowing mat or anything so not as light as could be i quess. Added some extra support to the hinge side as they felt little weak. I made molds if/when i need to make new pair. Then they will be made from woven mat gf or cf - we'll see. Some pics for those who are interested.


tzei in Light Doors

Rear wing

Some pics of carbon rear wing. Profile is scaled from F4 formula rear wing. Width 165 cm = 2002 turbo homologation width - max per rules. It’s pretty low as rules dictates it has to be in 20 x 20 cm space from side view, chassis is one plane.


tzei in Rear wing


Primer: 1st DeBeer - gray 2nd 4CR - white top coat: Spies Hecker BMW Colorado some Zn spray to critical zones Black chip guard   1st time i got to paint in owen & good lights. Was fun.


tzei in Paint

Dash cracks

All righty then. So this is not a build block per se as no particular vechicle is beeing build from a scratch. There might be one some day so i might just learn how this block stuff works.   So without further ado straight to the deep end: dash repair. 2-piece dash cracked badly. No substitutes in horizon i thought to repair it and see if it could be done & how long it will last. Opened all cracks with straight grinder and removed some foam under vinyl ”lip”.


tzei in Upholstery

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