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Typ188 LSD



My 4.10 lsd acted up so it was time to take it apart. Two ring gear bolts had come off and rest were hand tight. I guess my semi hard locking compound melted away. Bolt(s) jammed gear so that it didn't go backwards at all. One of the friction plates had all teeth cut off and pressure plate was toasted. Metal flakes all over the place. Bearings had to go so full build for this was in order.


Machine shop turned and resurfaced pressure ring alright. Took 0.30 mm off. They told me that ZF p/rings have 1-1.5 mm hard surface to work with so it should be fine. But i wanted to try something else for ramps. This one had oe 45/45 ramps. Took my 4.45:1 diff and took lsd unit out for this one. This unit has Drexler p/rings (50/70 & 45/80 ramps), one clutch set each side and lightest possible springs in it. So it's in essence zero preload unit.


Part list:

SKF bearings, pinion: HM 88542/2/510/2/QCL7C, HM 89449/2/410/2/QLC7C

                         side: LM 503349A/310/QCL7C

OE gaskets, pinion: 31 50 7 609 535

                      side: 33 10 7 505 602

crush washer: 33 12 1 744 368



Ring gear bolts: 55 Nm + 55 deg. Locite 270.

lsd lock unit cover: 33 Nm. Semi-hard locking compound.


Some pics in random order...







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So you have less locking in both directions than stock (or std and less), what's the thought behind that? I'm more used to hear about 30/60 angles when modified. I'm just running stock so don't know too much about these.

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I want to know how my rear axle behaves with loose lock. 45 acc. as before so no change there. 80 deacc. vs old 45 so not much locking braking/coasting. Turns better? I'm learning this stuff too.

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More assembly. Shimmed lash to 0.11 mm (0.07 - 0.13 factory limit). Would like it to be a little more but i'll take that. Tooth pattern looked ok. Had to turn 0.2 mm from rh bearing cap/cover to get it "on shimm" as my thinnest wasn't enough.


Ready to put oil in and back cover back. Some random pics::











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