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Well that sucked



So today I tackled a job that I was putting off for a while.  I welded tabs on the underside of the floor so that I could install my fuel line.   I  am going with regular AN line until I go with the turbo, then I will likely do a hard line and e85 safe flexible AN line. 


For those who warned me that the crap on the bottom of the car makes you loopy as all get-go,  you weren't kidding.   I welded on two tabs (one each for feed and return).  I had an exhaust fan, an air filter, a regular ceiling fan, an A/C unit and a house fan blasting me, and still whatever came off would be so bad that all I could do was weld four of the tabs on the floor and then let it ventilate for 30 min. 


The Quickjack that the car is on is just low enough so that I can't lay on my side, so working over my head, with my welding jacket, hat and gloves made the whole process almost unmanageable, even with the A/C going and the helmet would still fog up.  I would love to get one of those welding helmets with the ventilation pack that hangs on your belt, but last time I checked they were about 2K for one. 


I will run the fuel lines and then be able to drop it on the ground and roll it out of the garage.  I need to access the crawl space over the top of my garage, as I have the old seats to store up there, as well as some other parts that I will not likely need for a while. 


I will post some picks once I install the lines.










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7 hours ago, JQ02 said:

That sounds really unpleasant :(


Waking up this morning it feels good that it is done.    


It would be really nice to have something that moved under its own power.  I  need to get access to the storage. 

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Posted (edited)

On 8/26/2023 at 9:37 PM, JQ02 said:

That sounds really unpleasant :(

unpleasant enough to consider using self tapping screws with AN padded clamps..or something

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I've had really good luck using a harbor freight 8" "portable ventilator" with the 16ft duct sucking air from above where I'm welding. For example, if welding in the trans tunnel place the duct hose on the shifter hole from the inside of the car with the fan close to the door. I always wear a Miller LPR-100 mask under the weld hood when welding on the car or running a grinder, it makes a huge difference. Replacement filters are only $10 and they last quite a while. They have a carbon pre filter option too.

As for dealing with the heat, the thinnest long sleeve shirt and pants I can find, drinking lots of ice water(or just crushed ice) to drop your core temp, and a portable 18v fan like the Ryobi/Dewalt/Milwaukee/etc... depending on your battery system. Those fans are relatively small and can be repositioned much easier than something corded.

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