Floor pan progress



Made some good progress welding in the passenger floor pan yesterday while I had some free time. Ran into a little trouble with some spots after removing rust melting really fast but was able to get almost the whole thing welded in. Now I have to cut out more near the tranny tunnel that was too thin. So I will have to fabricate a small piece to finish the job and then a bunch of grinding! It’s been an eventful 2 weeks for me as I have made some good progress on the 02 and I just purchased an 85 318i daily driver Racecar! It’s a blast to drive but need some tinkering to pass Oregon DEQ. If anyone has a 318i e30 I would love some info on passing it through deq with or without an idle control valve and Cat. Cheers and happy thanksgiving.




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Great! Nice 318i.

If you need help on any body work, let me know! It's all I've been doing.



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