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About this blog

Ive been in the process of a resto mod, i figured i would finally get a blog going to update anyone interested in my build. This is my first BMW as its also my first 2002, and my first carborated car. I bought it for my birthday 3/23/18. Ive always been a fan of 2002's, but being from Massachusetts they are hard to come across that aren't completely rotten. Now living in Portland, Oregon i found a sweet deal on an all original 76 sahara( besides a terrible dark green respray probably done by Maaco). The engine ran when i bought it, but ran rough. I will be tackling getting the engine up to par after the repairs to the floor, there was some considerable rust in the floor pans and a giant hole or 2. Out of all the lights only the headlights worked. Im a mechanic by trade, but am new to body work. The car was easily savable, with some new floor pans from wallothnesch, and a ton of hours I'm nearly finished with getting my second floor pan repair done. This has been a great learning experience, and will continue to be. Hope to keep updating as progress is made so stay tuned!


So i got all the lights working prior to stripping the interior for the floor pan repairs. i had a nasty mouse nest under the fuse box and some chewed up wires. After fixing the wiring issues, i found one of the pins on my hazard switch was broken. I was able to solder it back in place with a small piece of copper wire in place of the original rivet!. i cleaned up all the contacts on the blinker stalk as i did on the windshield wiper stalk. Then all that was left was reverse lights. With i quick by pass of the switch the lights came on so i just need a new switch which is on my list.


Then i got the motor to run a bit better by setting the dwell and timing properly. My only issue now was the old water choke not doing its job and after warming up a bit the engine would die out. Due to the floor pans being my main priority at this time i will be coming back to the engine once the interior is buttoned up.


Next i stripped interior and pulled the 1/4 windows, rear windshield, and windshield out so i could get the dash out. I began to chip away at that pesky sound deadening. Many hours later and a few cans of goof off for the final removal of the spots i couldn't chip away at, the sticky residue was all done. On to removing the pedal box which i cleaned up and sent to get powder coated then rebuilt With the IE kit. While i was waiting for my pedal box to came back i began to repair the drivers side floor pan and also had to fabricate my own piece at the base of where the pedal box goes as it was pretty rotten. Once i got that all buttoned up ( minus all the finish grinding i still have to do) i got very busy with other stuff going on and the BMW took a backseat for a little bit. Now I'm back to it and onto the passenger floor pan which is much worse and I'm replacing the entire thing. I will include some pictures below, thanks for reading! More progress to come!




































Entries in this blog

Efi progress

Been a while since my last post, been slow going for a bit through the winter and broke my wrist mid January. Anyway back to work on the efi swap. I turned some plugs on my lathe to plug up unused ports on the m20b25 throttle body. Got my ecu and am starting to build the harness. I made a harness with rope so I can pull it out and measure/ build it on the bench rather than fight it in the car. Got the relay box almost done now just waiting for some pins for my connectors of the correct gauge for


twinnr1523 in Efi

Floor pan progress, efi stuff

Since this whole pandemic has started the shop I work at has been pretty slow, with recent days off I’ve got back in the groove of making some progress on my 02. It’s been a while since I posted any updates, my 85 318i has been stealing my attention in recent months as I acquired a 3.91 lsd and replaced the clutches, before putting it in. Anyway, I’ve got most of the grinding and pin holes filled in now on the floor pans. I still have to weld the frame rails to the pans but wanted to get the per



Floor pan progress

Made some good progress welding in the passenger floor pan yesterday while I had some free time. Ran into a little trouble with some spots after removing rust melting really fast but was able to get almost the whole thing welded in. Now I have to cut out more near the tranny tunnel that was too thin. So I will have to fabricate a small piece to finish the job and then a bunch of grinding! It’s been an eventful 2 weeks for me as I have made some good progress on the 02 and I just purchased an 85



Passenger floor pan replacement

So today I finally got my passenger floor pan tacked in place after a while of measuring and trimming the area I cut out. I prefer to cut small and slowly get larger for tight seams when butt welding. I had such a tight fit in most areas i couldn't even use my butt weld clamps which is always nice. After tacking the corners in place, a little light hammer work to make sure things were lining up properly followed by some more tacks and she is in! Now for the tedious process of slowly finishing th



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