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Passenger floor pan replacement



So today I finally got my passenger floor pan tacked in place after a while of measuring and trimming the area I cut out. I prefer to cut small and slowly get larger for tight seams when butt welding. I had such a tight fit in most areas i couldn't even use my butt weld clamps which is always nice. After tacking the corners in place, a little light hammer work to make sure things were lining up properly followed by some more tacks and she is in! Now for the tedious process of slowly finishing the welds. As anyone who has done body work before knows, it is a slow process to ensure proper cooling to avoid warpage. Not the hardest job but definitely time consuming. Hopefully ill be finishing up next week! time for a beer, Cheers.


P.S. check out the back story on my blog as it was my first entry, didn't realize how this all worked until now, and has all the pictures and story of my build!

r. floor pan.jpg



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in the second picture down, I am not sure,  but I think I see.........the face of Jesus, :-) 

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