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  1. Been a while since my last post, been slow going for a bit through the winter and broke my wrist mid January. Anyway back to work on the efi swap. I turned some plugs on my lathe to plug up unused ports on the m20b25 throttle body. Got my ecu and am starting to build the harness. I made a harness with rope so I can pull it out and measure/ build it on the bench rather than fight it in the car. Got the relay box almost done now just waiting for some pins for my connectors of the correct gauge for the wire I’m using. I have completed my wiring spreadsheets and have all the wire I need. Still hav
  2. Since this whole pandemic has started the shop I work at has been pretty slow, with recent days off I’ve got back in the groove of making some progress on my 02. It’s been a while since I posted any updates, my 85 318i has been stealing my attention in recent months as I acquired a 3.91 lsd and replaced the clutches, before putting it in. Anyway, I’ve got most of the grinding and pin holes filled in now on the floor pans. I still have to weld the frame rails to the pans but wanted to get the perimeter welds finished up. I’ve decided to run a speeduino ecu( UA4C) with an 85 318i intake manifold
  3. wow i must be going blind, sorry i see the sold tag now
  4. i know this post is old, but is this still available?
  5. my hazards worked fine but had no blinkers, one of the rivets holding the terminals together inside the hazard switch broke, a little solder and good as new. Worth checking but sounds like you may possibly have some other issue. good luck
  6. Made some good progress welding in the passenger floor pan yesterday while I had some free time. Ran into a little trouble with some spots after removing rust melting really fast but was able to get almost the whole thing welded in. Now I have to cut out more near the tranny tunnel that was too thin. So I will have to fabricate a small piece to finish the job and then a bunch of grinding! It’s been an eventful 2 weeks for me as I have made some good progress on the 02 and I just purchased an 85 318i daily driver Racecar! It’s a blast to drive but need some tinkering to pass Oregon DEQ. If anyo
  7. So today I finally got my passenger floor pan tacked in place after a while of measuring and trimming the area I cut out. I prefer to cut small and slowly get larger for tight seams when butt welding. I had such a tight fit in most areas i couldn't even use my butt weld clamps which is always nice. After tacking the corners in place, a little light hammer work to make sure things were lining up properly followed by some more tacks and she is in! Now for the tedious process of slowly finishing the welds. As anyone who has done body work before knows, it is a slow process to ensure proper coolin
  8. what did you use to paint the interior? Looking good all round!
  9. I'm looking for either a new complete wiring harness, or where i could find one for a 76 2002 ca emissions. OR A USED INTACT harness to use as a reference to recreate it myself. I'm afraid of pulling my old brittle harness and having it fall apart which would make for a very poor reference. MOUSE ATTACKED MY HARNESS Under the fuse box, i was able to separate and reseal the wires and got everything working but am restoring the car and would hate to use this harness after all my hard work just to have to pull it out again!
  10. can you send me some pictures and a list of what parts? ive got a 76 CA emissions and someone before be sliced the tube off the manifold and welded it shut!
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