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  2. Hi all, in the blog I'd like to take those interested a little into my '02 world'. now, finally, it starts actually getting a 'fun' project, hehe. Will soon be installing the flares and finalising body work (if this will ever be the case). next step will be starting on the drivetrain and engine. Will soon have to start welding on the rear axle for camber, hopefully coils will arrive soon too. x JP
  3. amazing, hope my car will be looking like this in a few months
  4. Cool paint job, stay at it! Following you)
  5. Great! Nice 318i. If you need help on any body work, let me know! It's all I've been doing. Cheers
  6. Amazing! Can anyone tell me which colours those are on the bmw 2002, the red with the two golden stripes. Cheers
  7. Hey! Welded a new panel into the left rear side of the car. Will be doing the last patches ever to the car coming week(s) after doing body work for nearly half a year now. Which means finishing the body and getting her ready for the media blaster. This is my first car (and first time working on sheet metal) ever so I can't complain! I'm very pleased with the construction I bought from a friend, if anyone might be interested the company is called HMD creations stationed in Holland. It allows me (gaining a bit more height) to rotate the car a 360 degrees in the air, how great 😮 if anyone's interested in my restoration, here's my blog: it would be of great honour if somebody'd take a look at it! Advice would also be highly welcomed. Going for the m20 Keep you updated, cheers JP
  8. Moved the car, will be putting her back and nose back on anytime soon (new nose ;)). Some more other things and it would be a near brand new car once all's finished hehe.
  9. In The Netherlands a lot of people still buy Koni over Bilsteins claiming bilstein is too stir for a daily driver. I have no clue if that makes sense but that's what I heard. Myself I wanted to buy Koni actually, but I would go for Bilstein as well. Planning on doing the coilover conversion with any of them in 2 months or so. JP
  10. Yeah I will probably go for the G245 5 and will probably have to 'adjust' the tunnel in a minimal way. Thanks for the link, great work! Oh and I love your car, its truly amazing.
  11. I totally agree, however I could still also go for the original m10 engine and just take the 2 litres and the webers to make things less complicated. I checked some other threads and it seems like the people that actually did this swap to their race (mine has no engine yet so no real swap ;)) are much more experienced. I will have to think about it, it will probably also cost me much more time. I will ask some more people for advice and go for the m20 if I think I am capable of doing it. Keep you updated. Some recent work attached. Hoping to finish body work anytime soon coming few weeks.
  12. I'm not sure yet Simeon, a street legal car in the first instance and secondly mostly free driving days on the circuit but also racing events with the BMW club and so on. I do not think I will be able to race it in special rally's and races since I have no certificate of my roll cage and meet such regulations. I mostly like to build this race car and just drive it and sometimes take it out on the track if possible. Also a fast engine would be nice hehe. And tzei I did consider this and am planning to remove the nose piece indeed! I really wanted to go for the great straight-6 engine as well. Thanks for responds! I will have to search for the engine and gearbox hehe
  13. I will do that for sure, I quickly scanned some other threads indeed! Maybe you're right and I could leave the nose off, although I will have to search for an engine and gearbox first. Also engine mounts and so on. Thanks for the comment! JP
  14. Hey guys, I am finished in a few weeks with my body work and welding on my race car. I will get the back of the car back on there these few weeks. My nose is nearly good to go but the thing is... the tunnel will need some metal work adjustments to make the M20 gearbox fit correct? I am not sure what those adjustments are so I was thinking maybe its smart to buy the engine and gearbox first and try to fit to find out how I need to adjust and where before I will get my car media blasted and painted. Also I might as well not weld the nose on there and try to fit the engine and weld the engine mounts in there before I weld my nose back to the car. What are your thoughts on the options as I hope they are clear and what are your opinions on the whole idea to go for the M20 since I have this race car that I wanna take to the track eventually. Btw this is my first project. Cheers, JP
  15. Wow nice project(s)! I really should start myself again, I really want to after this entry hehe. Anyway, I think the patches like these are also extremely thin right? One advantage: weight reduction! Haha. Stay at it! JP
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