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  • skyking96w


      Model: BMW 2002
      Year: 1971
      Manufactured Date: 06/23/1970
      Original Color: Chamonix
      Sunroof: Standard
      Transmission: 5 Speed Manual
      Current Color: Sebring White
      Current Owner: skyking96w
      Location: 1525 Glendale Street, Avondale, Jacksonville, Florida, 32205
      Last Sold: 09/02/1982

    This car was built in 1970 as a 1971 US chassis model, but with all the Alpina upgrades to the suspension, transmission, interior and gauges, and of course a 160 DIN HP engine with two Weber DCOE carbs.  Being a US chassis car, it has the emissions compliance sticker in the engine compartment, and the Pan-Am pilot who imported the car had a friend at the port of Miami. 


    Report from BMW Archives:

    The BMW 2002 US VIN 1676010 was manufactured on June 23rd, 1970 and delivered on July 2nd, 1970 to the BMW dealer Bovensiepen in Kaufbeuren. The original colour was Chamonix, paint code 085.

    While Bovensiepen is known as ALPINA it was also a "normal" BMW dealer at the time so we cannot say if the just sold the car or modified it. It might be a good idea to ask the people at [email protected] if they know more.

    Nevertheless we hope this information is helpful for you.

    Yours sincerely,

    Andreas Harz

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    I have a letter from Alpina Classic stating that the car was converted "in our house, US Chassis 1676010, delivery 07/1970."



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    Holy sh*t! That car got The Works! 👍


    How did that car pass U.S. Customs? 😯🤫


    And today, is all of this equipment still with the car? If not, what’s missing? I can see the 5.5” Alpina steel rims in your photo.


    So I’m seeing a total price, including factory options (sunroof, tinted glass, XAS’s, and close-ratio 5-speed) of DM 11,068, plus Alpina (dealer!) options of DM 7,769, for the total of DM 18,837. The buyer doubled the DM 9,580 cost of the base 2002 between factory and dealer options. 😯


    And there’s that September 30, 1970 physical delivery to Miami, which must account for a 1971 U.S. emissions sticker.... 😗


    Thanks for posting,




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    I'll say, very, very rare to find one still together with the alpine factory documentation.

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