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  1. My car came with the round hole Alpina wheels, but I love the look of the triangle hole wheels, too. I would have been perfectly happy with either style.
  2. I found one, although it has a lot more rust than I expected. Send a photo or two of the one you have. Ray
  3. Glad you sold it. I never said I was interested; I was just commenting that it was a good deal and inquiring about the price, since the title block said 300 but your first post still said 600. And, like I said, I already have one. Ray
  4. Is the price $300 now? If so, that's a good deal for this collection of parts. Still needed: a Sanden 508 compressor or equivalent and a mounting bracket; a parallel-flow condenser; hoses; crankshaft pulley with two grooves (if not already on the car); and the Hack Mechanic AC book. I have had a Clardy unit in my 02 for over 30 years and it still works great. Ray King
  5. Need a passenger side curved bumper end piece for pre-72 car (no holes). Ray King
  6. Yeah, a couple of the fins are shorter, and some other details. I don't know who made this one. I bought it from another FAQ member. Ray
  7. Thanks. That same picture showed up in another thread on faq.
  8. Is this your ad, or do you know the seller? I'm a little leery of Craigslist. Do you live close enough to check it out? Thanks. Ray King
  9. You must not have seen my PMs. I will take them. Ray King
  10. Yeah, I saw the logo. My seats have it, too. My comment was in response to a comment about Recaros from a Mustang. Ray
  11. Looking for a 2002tii exhaust manifold and an early pre-73 right side bumper bracket, or the whole set. Ray King

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