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  1. skyking96w

    02 Christmas Card Bundles!

    Sending email. Ray King
  2. skyking96w


    This car was built in 1970 as a 1971 US chassis model, but with all the Alpina upgrades to the suspension, transmission, interior and gauges, and of course a 160 DIN HP engine with two Weber DCOE carbs. Being a US chassis car, it has the emissions compliance sticker in the engine compartment, and the Pan-Am pilot who imported the car had a friend at the port of Miami.
  3. skyking96w

    Weber 45 DCOE chokes

    Sending PM. Ray King
  4. skyking96w

    Weber 45

    It appears to me that the hardware to synchronize the throttles is in place. Just needs to be connected and a new throttle cable added. Ray
  5. skyking96w

    Dual 45 Webers with manifold

    I will take them. Ray King
  6. Absolutely. I was planning to do that, 'cause I'm curious, too. Might be awhile, though.
  7. I will add another data point or two to this discussion. My Alpina '02, built in the Alpina shop in July, 1970, has the 5 1/2 x 13 wheels, stamped 13X5 1/2 and R1-440. No date code or manufacturer stamp. Also pictured below are snips from an Alpina catalog that came with the docs I got with the car.
  8. skyking96w

    Tires for OEM13" Rims

    Pirelli is making the CN-36 again, with more modern rubber, in 185/70VR13 and other sizes. About $160 plus tax from Longstone Tyres in the UK, and $155 from Performance Plus tires in the US.
  9. Left pull switches have markings; just blanked by the light from the open garage door. The dimple above the brake warning light is a test switch...push it and the warning light lights up. The chrome band across your lower dash is like the early 1600 I bought in 1967. Don't know when that went away for US models. My left stalk is not's from a later model. The original broke. " button in silver, where yours is black." You lost me again...which buttons? Interesting to compare the two cars. Alpina had to build my car on a US chassis since it was being shipped directly to the port of Miami. The Pam Am pilot who imported the car had a connection at the port, and the US cars all had the magic sticker in the engine compartment that said it conformed to emissions regs, which of course was a total lie.
  10. I'm not sure what you mean by "later surroundings." This is all original as built by Alpina in July, 1970. You might see some brush marks on the speedo as I had to touch it up because the black paint was flaking. The black plastic housing is textured. Did BMW do the ti gauges with black centers?
  11. This is my Alpina 02. Same steering wheel only different. By the time my car was built, they were putting the Alpina logo on the tachometer
  12. skyking96w

    Official Blunttech Sale Thread

    Will you be at The Vintage? I want a 123Tune w/Bluetooth for my M10 high-performance engine. I could pay you now and pick it up at The Vintage. Ray King
  13. skyking96w

    Official Blunttech Sale Thread

    Dave -- just saw your reply. Seems to be working now, and I didn't do anything different. Ray
  14. skyking96w

    Official Blunttech Sale Thread

    This is a little off-topic, but my browser--Chrome--won't let me connect to your web site. I tried Firefox, and that seems to work OK.
  15. skyking96w

    New modern heat and air system for BMW 2002

    442stang -- Is the condenser in your '02 kit a parallel-flow model?