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  1. That sandbagging son of a gun. I guess my chains nein werken
  2. In that case Selling authentic Icelandic 2002 chains. Hate to sell ‘em but my wife that I don’t have says they have to go. Priced to sell. $10,000 Krona OBO
  3. Realized I didn’t mark as resolved. Finally got around to investigating the issue. All 4 bulbs blew during the electrical catastrophe. *sigh*
  4. My tii came with snow chains. Great to have on hand should it snow in Pasadena. The PO was pretty good about collecting valuable parts/upgrades. Were there any “official” 2002 chains? Are these things worth anything or did I just save him a trip to the dump?
  5. I think I may have either a bad flasher relay or an inadequate one, so I've ordered a CEC EF33.
  6. I had a bit of an electrical catastrophe as a result of the ignition coil and external ballast resistor being wired in reverse order. (An unfortunate mistake by an FAQ recommended shop in San Francisco, I'm assuming made by one of the mechanics less familiar with 02s). Ken at Motorspeed West sorted out the blown fuses and converted my distributor back to points. It's never run better. Howwwwwever... my flashers no longer work. I had suspected the hazard switch, however when I installed a working one, the button lit up properly but still no flashers. (I still need to crack my switch open to do some rehab, though.) The previous owner did the electronic flasher relay conversion which had been working for the 5 years I've owned the car, so I have no reason to suspect he did anything wrong. I also replaced the electronic flasher unit, but no dice. I've spent some time reading through past posts, but I'm hoping with the information i've provided there might be a simpler answer than what I was reading.
  7. For anyone that visits this thread hoping for an answer, if your clock is still not working after you've checked that 1) you're clock is getting the required 12v, 2) all the gears have good contact and turn the clock arms when manually manipulated, and 3) you've re-soldered every connection, then check the resistance of both colored coils that the magnets oscillate around. If either of them registers as infinity, then something has caused the circuit to open. I found on my clock that the sheathing on the coil wire had been worn from the magnet rubbing against it to the point that the copper is exposed. I can't think of way you would be able to fix this piece without simply replacing it.
  8. @DaHose I just got the roofing cement today and it says allow 30-60 days to cure before applying the reflective coating... how long did you allow the stuff to cure when you used it?
  9. I’m jealous. Sounds like so much fun digging through a treasure trove like that. Good luck, wish I could help.
  10. @jimk I thought I already responded, but I guess not. When you say floor, are you including the tunnel? Being so overly cautious that a 2-day job turned into a 2-week job. I don't want to finish making the interior pretty just to have a paint crisis on the freeway.
  11. @DaHose @mike related note: after stripping the inside of the tar mat to hunt down any rust that might be lurking, I painted the floor, space under the back seat, and tranny tunnel with rustoleum protective enamel. The rustoleum site says this paint can tolerate up to 200F. There shouldn’t be any problems due to heat from the exhaust, right?
  12. The exhaust pipe isn't close, so that wouldn't be an issue. But I just got off of the phone with a quality body shop - which I should've done before going crazy with the fiberglass - and the guy simply recommended getting a steel plate, forming it to the curvature, and using some jb weld + self-tapping screws. He also recommended that I mark the spot on the sound mat so if I need to access the plate later, it will be easy to find. Easy enough.
  13. PO of my 74 tii stuffed in a dingy e21 carpet that I finally ripped it out to replace with a stock carpet. Quiksteel'd screw holes, removed tar, rust reformer on surface rust, & painted with rustoleum protective enamel. Getting ready to lay down B-quiet mat but I have some concerns. PO put a large gash (3'' at the widest, 6'' long) the driver side tranny tunnel - I'm guessing while doing the 5-speed swap - which was originally hidden by that stock sound deadening piece, and filled in with spray-on insulating foam. The sound deadening was disintegrating from a years of a heater box leak, so I pulled it out and chucked it which maybe I shouldn't have. Decided to remove the foam and fiberglassed the hole, but now I'm wondering if the tranny tunnel gets hot enough that this would be problematic.
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