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  1. Hello I am looking for a trunk lock and a key for my BMW 2002. Key is preferred, not necessary.
  2. I think it is overpriced and there are plenty of other cars that can be had for much better value. New brakes are like $100, an alternator is $40, etc. so I do not really see that as added value. Only nice additions I see is the 5 speed and maybe those early bumpers. This is my personal opinion. I am not attacking the seller.
  3. I am looking for 1 plastic tii intake runner Mounting bolts for brake calipers Cap nuts for valve cover Drivers side hard brake lines (all 4 brake lines that go from master cylinder to the front driver brake caliper) Seat recliner bracket for 2002 seats (the bracket that connects upper to lower cushions)
  4. Yes sir. Can you message me a picture?
  5. Hi I need the brackets that mount lower to upper cushion for a drivers seat. 1972 2002 if that matters. Like the L bracket in this picture. Not talking about the seat sliders. Text 608-four36-9775 for fastest response. Thanks!
  6. Would rather not pay $20 for 4 bolts. Anyone have the mounting bolts for brake calipers? I need 4 of them. https://www.pelicanparts.com/More_Info/34111118948.htm?pn=34-11-1-118-948-M9 #11 in diagram. Text 608-four36-9775 for quickest response. Thanks! #11
  7. Hi I just need 1 plastic intake runner for a tii Thank you Can text me at six08-436-nine775
  8. Say "Hey why do I see the same exact picture on the FAQ from 2018" Then if he gets all offended and accusatory then he a scam.
  9. I might go for money AND Spotted Cow lol I am in Madison, so it is still pretty far. 😶
  10. Behr A/C. Do not know if working. I saw one crack on the plastic. Price is negotiable just make an offer, I want it gone.
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