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  1. Selling my battery relocation/brace. Sold my 02 before I got a chance to use it. Purchased off of the forums.Price is 150 shipped obo
  2. Anyone on here making it out to Euro experience in Savannah Georgia? Hosted may 13-15. It's crunch time and I'm trying to get my 02 out there. Would be cool meet some of you guys and check out the 02s Sent from my LG-H830 using Tapatalk
  3. I think I just stuck it through a hole I had on that side and let it vent back outside
  4. Hmm ok. I need to buy a fan and a hose before I can get my cooling system going. I'll look at 12 inch fans. Thanks guys! Where did you guys cut into the firewall to route the harness for the DME through? Any pictures?
  5. Hey kid, looks like you're running the scirocco radiator. What size fan are you running?
  6. I think that's good as far as noise level goes. I'm gonna be doing a center exitborla with a resonator. Can't wait. My car going for fender flares and exhaust tomorrow and then when I get it back just need to find a fan,bleed cooling system, wire up oil pressure switch and tidy it up
  7. Nicely done kid! Clean! If only mine were that clean. Second picture is broken:/
  8. So you guys can laugh. This is the aftermath of me dumping the clutch trying to do a burnout with my open 3.90. Didnt go well. Carrier is split in half and there's chunks of pinion and ring gear along with the inner spider gears floating around in the fluid. And I mean dime and nickel sized pieces. The 02 now has a welded 3.64 in there until I can build my hybrid 3.64 e21/e36 LSD
  9. Best bet would be to cut and refabricate your 2002 trans tunnel. Or you could use a 240 box like I did out of an e30 318.either way, pounding / cutting is there Norm. Not sure how well the 240/245 boxes fit but good luck acquiring one. Rear subframe from e30 won't go into the 2002 , so no goes on that. Search search search. There's a ton of information out there and more than 1 way to do it. Heavily depends on motor mounts you have and how far back/low they make the motor sit. Keep the driveshaft from the e30 as you should be able to use it.
  10. Yea the slave is perfectly in there. I may just run it pedal-less until I figure something else out
  11. Thanks!!! I researched before I pulled the trigger on the size. Love the somewhat retro five spoke with modern flare. That's the gas foot haha. The top of the trans is trying to occupy the same space as the pedal box. The g240 trans sits at a wicked angle. so I had to "clearance" it and then I realized how dam close it sits. And that's without the pedal. Doubt the pedal will actually fit. Any suggestions? I completely bypassed the heater core since my fan doesn't work and I need to rebuild the heater valve. O well. One less thing to go wrong
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