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  1. We are putting on a "non competitive" rally this September 7-8, 2019. Starting and ending in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The driving will mostly be on secondary roads, heading to Ohio, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the Tunnel of Trees on M119 and returning to Kalamazoo. Guaranteed beautiful scenery! If your interest is peaked, I invite you to check out our website www.roundheadlamprally1000.com We are also on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/RoundHeadlampRally1000/ Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/roundheadlamprally1000/ Any questions, please let me know!
  2. I have a rear fog light converted to a third brake light on my bumper. We attached a rear brake light flasher like what is on an ambulance and it really gets peoples attention. I think it was like $10 on Amazon, well worth it in my opinion.
  3. What about having Bilstein rebuild your struts/shocks? I had them rebuild my HD front struts years ago and had them rebuild to the Sport version. Was a little less expensive then buying a new set.
  4. I was searching for rear B8's before Vintage and had to source 1 from Rockauto and the other through Tire Rack. It was a pain..... Looks like everyone is out now...
  5. Still looking for a set. Let me know if you have have a pair!
  6. Hey, think I saw you at a Cars and Coffee last fall. We have 4 cars from the kzoo area that will be down at the show. I've got the '69 Colorado 02 "Kindle", make sure you say Hi!
  7. I have not, how much play would be acceptable? I assume it will shift a little bit due to the rubber mounts?
  8. Thank you Matt and Hal, I appreciate the input. I'll get the engine back online and then will try getting it in gear. I swear I moved it while in gear in the past, but I am getting older and have much more grey hair now... B
  9. Thanks Hal for the thoughts. Can anyone confirm that the car has to be running for the automatic transmission to engage the gears? The motor mount seems to be fine, it might have been loose for it to jump out. B
  10. Tried to start up my 1969 2002a today and it bucked its self off the drivers motor mount... It had been running ok about a week earlier and have never had any issues with the transmission. Anyway, was attempting to test the Pertronix ignitor by rolling the car in gear to have the distributor rotor move. During the rolling of the car, it acted like it was in neutral in all the gears accept for park. Checked the linkage from the shifter all the way to the transmission. I can hear and feel the selector clicking into location on the transmission, but it has no affect on putting the car in gear. Any thoughts on what may be going on? Broken drive lug? Suppose to leave for the Vintage in 15 days! I have a spare auto in unknown condition that i could swap in, but hoping someone might have some ideas of what may be going on before I head down that road... B
  11. Looking for the right and left front bumper spacer. Part numbers are: 51115670106 & 51115670107. I know there are new ones out there, but would like to see if there are any used sets available... Thanks!
  12. Thanks bimmer, looking for a used set first....
  13. Looking for 2 wiper arms in good condition for a 1979 320i. Please let know what you have! P/N: 61611365975 Thanks!
  14. Looking for at least 1 swan neck mirror for my 69' 2002. If you have one, please shoot me a DM or reply to this message! Thanks, Bryan

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