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  1. Is the nose still available? I'd be willing to take the corners and you can send the center to bcthomas Bruce
  2. Do you still have the air cleaner on the left? How much shipped to 11746? Thanks Bruce
  3. I'm working on the curved piece on the front that sort of surrounds the light and I think the fender tucks into. My best guess is that this part is totally hidden once the fender is on. I'll take some pix when I get home too. thanks,
  4. Do you have more pictures of this repair? I am trying to replicate the same piece (on both sides, of course) and the curves and getting it to fit into the fenders properly is driving me crazy. Any tips would be appreciated. thanks, Bruce.
  5. I am in the process of fixing the inner front fender areas of my car. It's not pretty, and I am not so skilled - so I'm REALLY slow at it. Most of the panels are available, but it seems like it will be a lot of work. My inspiration: http://www.bmw2002faq.com/topic/111768-full-of-surprises-a-72-tii-from-the-northeast/ and http://retrorides.proboards.com/thread/65793?page=1 <--- this guy, tonybmw does amazing work. Look at his other threads in his signature. I agree though - if you are seeing major rust up top, that's just the beginning.
  6. What about getting them shrink-wrapped like a boat? (after some/most of the other precautions?) I think that the shrink wrap can be patched too.
  7. JB - is the air cleaner for a single or two barrel solex? (Is the mounting hole round or oblong?)
  8. Would have been nice if they had a car guy write the article.
  9. Vehicles will name themselves, somehow. I have had three cars with names and three without. Those with names got them out of the middle of nowhere. Those without names never quite had a name jump out.
  10. GREAT!! Looking back at my pictures I can start to see where everything is/was. Sometimes looking at flatly lit pictures of grey steel, its really hard to see the bumps and turns. Is this a common piece to rust out?
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