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  1. Perhaps you didn't understand my post the one your recommending IS the one i have and it is loud
  2. (6-7 psi and the regulator restricts the flow to 2.5-3psi) does this cause the pump to be louder ?
  3. Thanks for the offer im sure I'll eventuality find something your cool
  4. 12 hour drive to the vintage, boring is not being able to hear the radio
  5. I'm not looking for alternatives im looking for correct size which im probably going to buy from Coker ( mitchlin xas) coker has to wait for mitchlin historic to make a batch of them first
  6. After much research I've decided the best tires for stock ( 13X4.5) rims are the mitchlin XAS
  7. UltraLube (grease type) synthetic
  8. Remove old exhaust manifold and heat shield . Install Stahl Header Ceramic coated use exhaudt header gasket/ heat shield combo
  9. Some how, I need to get the covers back on
  10. Price point will the first question in many conversations
  11. I made a replacement rubber spacer if you look closely you will notice the rubber spacer is cut at angle to compensate for curve of body . purchased black rubber plug approx 1w X 1H. Drilled hole first then sliced off angle portion
  12. Isn't this how the Vintage started ?
  13. Florida is a very large state where are you ?
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