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    We will be out at Portland International Raceway attending Germanpalooza on Saturday August 4th, hope to see some local faq members in attendance! The event will also include a half track day, car show, and drag racing! Come see us at our booth next to the BMW corral to talk 02s! http://bmworegoncca.com/event/2018/germanpalooza/
  2. We have a couple more new reproduction parts available that I would like to offer at a discount to the FAQ community. These hood seal kits consist of high quality reproductions of BMW part numbers 51235480192, 41615480195, and 41615480196. The included parts seal the heater box and passenger cabin off from engine compartment fumes, they are very important parts to have for any 02. Photos attached of 195 and 196 installed on my 1974 tii, please excuse my dirty engine compartment! The seal with part number ending in 192 is mounted to the under side of the hood and seals against the cowl. Please send us an email at Sales@VintageAutobahn.com with questions or to place an order. $90 plus shipping for all three seals.
  3. We have reproduction trapezoid and flag mirror seals that look and fit like the original! Email us at Sales@VintageAutobahn.com to order.
  4. Still available as I have not heard back from Eric. Please send an email to Sales@VintageAutobahn.com if you are interested in the Mikuni setup.
  5. I have a set of mikuni carburetors, manifolds, and linkage that I am not in need of so I will offer them here to the FAQ community. These carburetors have been in storage since they were removed from the car in 2008, so they will likely need rebuilds to run as intended. The carburetors were in good driving condition before being removed for a 32/36 Weber carburetor. Buyer is responsible for shipping cost, everything shown in the photos is included in the sale. Please email Sales@VintageAutobahn.com to order. Jetting: pilot nozzle 40 accelerator jet 160 main fuel jet 125 main air jet 250 jet lock 8 pilot jet 57.5 small Venturi 10 large Venturi 32
  6. Just wanted to remind everybody there are only six more days left on our free shipping offer. Order your clock now to get the best possible price!
  7. We will be offering free shipping on all orders from 11/24-11/28. This is your opportunity to get the best possible price on our mirrors, shift knobs, Tii clocks and many other parts. Contact us at Sales@VintageAutobahn.com to place your order! www.VintageAutobahn.com http://stores.ebay.com/vintageautobahn2
  8. Thank you for the kind words guys! I have attached a few photos as a reference for anybody who is interested in the mirrors. You can purchases through our website or email us at Sales@VintageAutobahn.com.
  9. I wanted to let the FAQ community know about an exciting new reproduction that we have available. We are now offering these great Tii/Ti dashboard clocks for $95 each. As a special introductory offer we will ship this item for free to everybody in the continental U.S. who purchases on or before 11/28/2016. As seen in the photos we have the early and late style clocks available. This will mount directly into your original dashboard hole and all mounting parts are included. In addition to working with a Tii or Ti dash we have included all necessary pieces for retrofitting this clock into a standard 2002. Please email Sales@VintageAutobahn.com with questions or to place your order.
  10. This dash is sold. I have others available, email Sales@VintageAutobahn.com for photos.
  11. Rear fog light is sold. The driving lights are still available.
  12. KWe have a bunch of new items come in stock this week and wanted to offer a few to the FAQ community. These items are both NOS condition in original packaging, they have never been installed. First off I have this great vintage set of Gable driving lights. These are period correct lights that were made in Germnay. The chromed steel housings shine brightly, and the lenses are not damaged. This package includes lights, relays, wiring and a switch. $160 plus shipping on these. The next item I have available is this NOS Optilux rear fog lamp kit. This chromed steel housing shines nicely and the lens is not damaged. and is very nicely made. This package includes the light, wiring and switch. $75 plus shipping for this light.
  13. I have a swan mirror and gasket I would be willing to sell you Sal (or mike in the case that Sal already found one). The mirror and gasket are not in perfect condition, but certainly better than nothing. You can email me at Sales@VintageAutobahn.com for photos.
  14. MKINNA, I had it in there at one point but managed to leave it off the final copy! The original post has been modified to state the $5000 asking price.
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