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  2. These are sold. Cant figure out of to mark them as sold.
  3. Howdy, This is way out there, but its worked for me before so I thought I'd give it another try. I am currently looking for some space to rent in the PNW, hopefully north of Seattle near Everett some where. My girl friend of 5 years and her small old pug who sleeps all day are looking for something 1-2 bed rooms and a bath hopefully with some storage or garage space for my tools and the occasional carpentry project. We don't do drugs or drink heavily, pot included and we are both quiet hard working people. I am currently in the proses of joining the Local 70 carpenters union, and the girl friend is a massage therapist. Budget is $1300/moth. We actually currently rent from a member of this forum in CA, and have for the last few years I know he wants to keep his name on the down low though. My union work and classes start in about 3-4 weeks, and ones they do I wont have time to help move the girl friend and all our stuff up from CA so I am under a little bit of a time crunch. I can also offer up my skills as a professional carpenter/handyman during my free time. If anyone knows of a space, or has something they would like to offer up you can pop me an email at jeremy q nugent at comcast dot net. Thanks so much for your time! J
  4. I had these listed ones before. Buyer never showed up because of personal matters and I gave him his deposit back. I was going to keep these for my next '02, but I am having problems with my other rides and I need the money to get my '86 Toyota truck an engine rebuild. These will need to be picked up. I wont ship. I an willing to drive a ways in CA for extra gas money. Both seats were tan and got sprayed black with Duplicolor Vinyl Spray. Its now wearing off. As these both should get a rebuild that should not be a big deal. All the hardware is there and everything works and folds. Sliders and rails are not included. Both seats have new Aardvark straps to keep you from sinking through. Drivers seat has rips on both lower and uper drivers side (left) bolsters and the foam is warn. Passengers side has no rips and all foam is intact. Ill update with more pictures. $400 for both obo. Please dont low ball me these are worth money and in good shape. I took them buy my local apolstry shop and they guy was excited about them and said they are worthy candidates for rehab. PM me or email directly to jeremy x man at comcast dot net Location: San Rafael CA USA
  5. Yeah turns out this guy is a bit of a... Well maybe not the bet person. I'm going to leave this up here anyways. Buyer be warned. But maybe something positive can still happen.
  6. I know this is technically a FS add but it's very general and it's not my add. I just had to share it. I'm not associated with this shop in any way. Have fun guys. If I was in WA I'd be taking the day off of work today. $1000 e30 and 2002 deals http://seattle.craigslist.org/est/pts/4502970641.html
  7. Im looking for a set of used turbo flares for my e30. Almost got a set at the Swap And Show in the Bay Area this year, but they sold out from under me while I made a trip to the bank Let me know what you have. Cheers J Location: San Rafael CA USA
  8. I have a set of e21 sports seats. They are old and are not perfect. Both seats are still very comfortable and I installed new webbing straps from Aardvarc Racing so your but does not fall through the seat. Seats were tan, but I sprayed them black. As they need to be reupholstered that should not be a problem. The drivers seat has rips and some damage to the bolster foam, and currently has duct tape on it. Other wise in good shape. Passengers side seat has no rips or any damage. All the seat adjustment mechanisms work fine. Sliders are broken. $200 firm. These go for $900+ plus when rebuilt. This is a great starting point for a set of refreshed e21 sports seats. Get after it Located in San Rafael CA, or SF CA. Pick up only no shipping please. Ill take some better pictures in the AM, but this is what I have now. Will bolt into a 2002, or you can fabricate some sliders for a e30 like I did. Location: San Rafael CA USA
  9. We are selling our much loved 2010 135i. This car is a real rocket ship and a pleasure to drive. We have loved every minute of owning this car, but we need to get a truck and have not been driving the 135 much lately. We bought the car used from BMW Walnut Creek. It had been used as a BMW factory driver, and we were the first private owners. This is the smallest model BMW currently sells state side besides maybe the Z4, with comparisons to the cult classic 2002 model (Hoffman kink rear window). The 135i got the large strait six twin turbo n54 engine and a automatic 6MT transmission with paddle shifters. This engine is very powerful in this small light car, and is an incredible platform for very easy power additions. The automatic six speed transmission is great for daily driving, and is fun for spirited driving when using the paddle shifters. The car currently has some very minor cosmetic modifications (dark side markers, VMR wheels, BMW OEM black grill, hand made BMW motorsport roundels, and bright white halo lights) but I still have all the original BMW parts that the car came with including the wheels/tires and other cosmetic parts. The car has NO other aftermarket modifications at all. It has been maintained at Sonnen BMW in San Rafael and has not been touched by any other mechanics. 53763 miles on the clock (mostly highway San Rafael-SF) Options: ///M Sport Package Heated seats Auto dimming mirrors Bluetooth connectivity iPod connectivity Comfort access (keyless entry and start) Moon roof Memory seat settings Garage door opener in mirror BMW SOS (like Onstar) Head light washers Electric fold in mirrors Exterior: Black Black BMW grill (still have BMW chrome grill) Electric fold in mirrors Professionally hand made classic ///M sport roundels using original BMW parts ($360) Flat black VMR V710 wheels (curb rash on both passenger side wheels, lots of tread left) Dark side marker lights (still have original lights) Bright white LED halo lights (still have original lights) Interior: Black leather Sport seats with memory settings Heated seats Aluminum trim ///M steering wheel with radio/phone controls All weather floor mats (original BMW floor mats included) Cons: Car has some slight paint damage on drivers door from kids throwing some eggs at the car Usual very small rock chips on the front of the car from driving Asking $24000 or best offer Come take a look at the car, have a fun drive and feel the power : ) I will respond quickly to serious buyers with contact info. I will send extra info or pictures on request. Cheers Jeremy jeremy x man at comcast dot net Year: 2010 Make: BMW Model: 135i Body and Interior: VMR 710 wheels 18' 8.5' 9.5' ///M Sport Package Cold Weather Package Premium Package LED white halo bulbs Smoked side indicators Engine and Drivetrain: N54 twin turbo (all stock) Steptronic transmission Suspension, Brakes: All OEM
  10. Oh yeah cool! This will be my second time going. Ill most likely be riding with Beck, the guy planning the rout. Both of us have lived in SF almost our entire lives (I did three years in Germany). Will be fun!
  11. The length of the aluminum tubing veries depending on the car you have and where you want the camera to be. I have this in my e30, and the tubing ends a bit past the center of the car. All the parts are really cheap. I think the paint was the most expensive part.
  12. Im not the first guy to do this, and there are other DIY write ups out there on how to do this, but I thought I would throw it up here. Built a GoPro camera mount that bolts to my head rest. Square bar aluminum tubing, two U bolts, two square black plastic furniture end caps (bulk hardware section), and some paint. Ill use a GoPro sticky mount, but if you have a different camera you could also buy a super cheap tripod camera base and screw it onto the aluminum bar. If you would like to use a regular camera you can get one of these for about $7 (with Prime shipping options) on Amazon, or
  13. Ok question. I just tried the same thing in my e30 and failed big time. Ended up burning out the circut board for the lights. LEDs care about polerity where as regular bulbs do not corect? I think that I put one of the LED bulbs in the wrong way whitch created a short and burned out the board. It was the T10 12v LEDs that gave me the problems. There are three of them. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B006R34PB4/ref=oh_details_o03_s01_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 The rest of the light are all T5 LEDs and I had no problem with them. Just twisted in and lit up. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00AR1
  14. I know its late and I know its for an e30, but you do the 2002 struts the same way. He even removed an inch just like you want to do. http://www.r3vlimited.com/board/showthread.php?t=69493
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