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Replacing brake reservoir, what brake fluid should I use?

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I do not know what the previous owner had used for Brake Fuid. What will happen if I use a different type of fluid vs what is already in the system?

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Shouldn't be a big deal, unless you are going to swap to one of the DOT 5 fluids. And you are running your car like a race car....

If you are really worried about it - flush the whole system with alcohol, and then replace it with a good DOT 4 brake fluid. Personally, I swap between ATE blue and ATE gold, just to make sure I get everything flushed correctly.


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Castrol makes a readily available high quality DOT 4 brake fluid called "LMA". Available at most auto parts stores. I think flushing with alcohol might be a little overkill - but a good thorough flushing of ALL the old fluid will keep your brakes happy. Don't forget to bleed / flush the clutch slave cylinder!

I use the following brake bleeding procedure:

right rear

left rear

right front (upper, inner, outer) - 3 bleed screws per caliper!

left front (upper, inner, outer)

I use the Ate SuperBlue fluid in my own car, only because it's easier to detect - or identify leaks (duh...it's BLUE!) :-) I HAVE boiled blue fluid on spirited drives w. tii brakes, before though - so it's not the 'ultimate' fluid - but it's excellent for street use.

Want "ultimate"? check out the price of Castrol SRF...$70 / liter! yeesh!

Hope this helps. Stay Safe!

Paul Wegweiser

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