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1969 BMW 2002 Agave

Imran Younis

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Price: $8500
Location: Sykesville MD


Please contact me at at imranyounis101 @ gmail 
1969 BMW 2002
Vin: 1663591 

Orginally Chamonix, but painted Agave

Starts up and runs great
It took some time, but I went thru a lot of the stuff that needed to be done. I changed all the fluids (transmission, diff, axles, brakes, coolant). I went ahead and got the solar tires from Walmart.All new bushings in the front and rear, with upgraded suspension. Clutch works great! 

-    Before buying it the PO indicated the engine or head was worked on but Ireland Engineering but I cant tell. I did take the Valve cover off, and found a minty fresh head see pics!


The car is pretty interesting to drive, and everything does function. Pretty Noisy inside the cabin. 
People often ask about it when I’m driving thru the town. Most of them don’t know what it is. 
Its been a blast working on something as simple as this car. 


Pics can be found here, of rust, parts, process, etc:


TLDR Below (Too Long Don’t Read)
Following items/Maintenance has been done in the last 200 miles ( This is mostly for when I do list the car) – Painted everything I could in POR15 ( Subframe, control arms, diff, etc) 
1.Rebuilt Cluster
    a.Gauges work. Fuel is a bit sporadic but I am working on the ground. 
    b.Temp Gauge works great! Clock is stuck.
2.Rebuilt the heater box using a fan from a later model.Currenlty not working.  

    a.Car has new plugs, wires are in good condition
    b.Wiring for the engine was gone thru, and cleaned up as much as I could
    c.All wiring for the lights, flasher, turn signal, horn, heater, and wiper was gone thru, and operational 
    d.Engine Oil and Transmission Fluid Changed. 
    e.E21 Transmission Mount
    f.New Clutch Cylinder along with Line
    g.New Throttle Pedal with Slide Bushing 
    h.New Exhaust gasket (Leak from muffler to pipe present) 
    a.Shifter was rebuilt using all parts available online. 
    b.Center Support Bearing and Flex Disk Replaced
        i. Ball Joints replaced
        ii.Control arm bushings, inner and outer replaced, along with Front subframe bushings 
        iii.New Sway bar bushings
        iv.Used Bilstein’s installed with Stock Springs 
        i.New Subframe bushings with Ebay Inserts
        ii.New Differential Bushings (Along with new input/output flange gaskets, o rings, and rear         Gasket) Fluid changed as well. 
        iii.New axle boots
        iv.E21 Brake Cylinders 
        v.Trailing arm bushings 
        vi.Sway Bar Bushings
6.Tires: Solar 4XS P175/70R13 82S BSW Tire (Mounted and Balanced)



Spare parts:
-    Washer tank bottle with pump
-    Early model Drums 
-    Some carpet and trim. 
-     Misc Parts 

















These are just progress photos, the car is complete, and these parts are installed and working. 




Edited by Imran Younis
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