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Price:: 100000

Location: : Aptos CA

Shameless plug... Trying to get some money together to get my pile moving...

This is a low mileage getrag 245/5 transmission from a 1980 BMW 320i donor car. It has been cleaned thoroughly and has been painted with high temp paint. I just replaced all the seals this week. It has brand new shift selector, front input shaft, and rear output shaft seals. I have also included a brand new still in box FTE slave cylinder, clutch fork, and metal retainer for the fork. These items were purchased this week so they are fresh and ready to use. This transmission is the perfect option for you BMW 2002 guys looking to upgrade by making a 5 speed swap. It is also perfect for those of you trying to keep your 320i on the road. It has a 4 bolt output flange which makes it perfect for the 2002 swap as you don't have to source the front 10 inches of a late 320i driveshaft to use it. I've tried to include everything so that this is a simple plug and play operation. I was saving this tranny as a spare for my 2002 but these things are bullet proof... Figured I'd share the wealth. If there are any questions please feel free to ask. I will be happy to answer what I can. I'm not sure how much it's going to cost to ship but I feel like $50 should cover it. If not I'll eat the rest. If it costs less, which I doubt I'll refund you. The only thing this transmission needs to run is some redline MTL oil. I didn't include this because I thought it would be best not to ship it with oil. I would prefer no international bidders. If your hell bent on having it I'll try my best to accommodate you but I would have to know well in advance... Good luck and thank you for looking!


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