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  1. I'm really considering going down there for a paint job. I feel pretty comfortable navigating around TJ, thats not really an issue. I would hate for my car to disappear, though. How were the selections on paint samples? I'm thinking of painting my car aquamarine blue from a 356. By the way, thanks for the great feedback.
  2. Thats cool. Did you drive you car down there like that, without windows, trim, etc? And then drive it back (through 3 hours of line) or have it towed? Were you nervous about dropping off a car like that?
  3. Ok I just browsed the classifieds section and WOW. $750 for a set of grilles, $450 for a center console, $800 for torn up recaros. I haven't driven my car for about a year because of the blown head gasket. I'm thinking of doing it soon, how much do you think a used head gasket sells for?
  4. I haven't been on this site for a while but OP reminded me of DenverTii, is he still around?
  5. $1 Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Tapatalk
  6. Hello everyone, I have a RockAuto discount that I am not going to use. It is for 5% off and it expires December 20th. I'm sure this is a one time code so its first come first serve.
  7. Did you actually pay $950+shipping? (or even anything close to that, yikes!)Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Tapatalk
  8. $950?! Wow. I got an LSD and 5 speed for less than that. Like three months.
  9. Wow how many cars have you dismantled?
  10. How do you get a transmission looking that clean?
  11. Sorry, but all those options are sooo 2014. You want laser lights! https://youtu.be/-WvK5WC4ns0
  12. Just curious what's wrong with rock auto, kragens, autozone calipers? If anything? Aren't they just rebuilds from cores?
  13. Does this fit inside the e30 14" basket weave?
  14. It doesn't fit the era from that point of view. But its different than a white plate. I would know the difference but wouldn't look down on it.
  15. I wonder what happened to all those perfect and rare parts? Rusting away? Secretly selling them off?
  16. Is $700 for the car or transmission.
  17. Grinding with no ear and eye protection? Yikes.
  18. Wow wish you a speedy recovery.
  19. Can they ban you along w denvertii. Two for one special.
  20. Hi. How much did you want for the LSD shipped to California? Thanks.
  21. I read stance to mean the stance of your car and what parts you used to achieve that. I never thought it meant the stance poke hellaflush garbage.

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