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1973 Bmw 2002 With M20B25

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Hello, I am looking to sell this project 1973 BMW 2002. It has a M20B25 and 5 speed with 140k miles.



Clean title in hand

M20B25 with 140k miles

Body read 86k before the M20 was installed.

New thermostat, timing belt, valve cover gasket and water pump.

New tires with newer 15 inch rims.

Almost complete interior, missing the 2 front OEM seats, replaced with 1st gen leather miata seats

Newer carpet kit installed, also comes with 25 sq ft of dyamat.

Newer paint job that is ok

Front /Rear windshield seals are newer

Trunk lid seal newer

Body Condition- Rear quarters, front fenders, hood, trunk lid are all rust free and are straight.

Ireland engineering stage 1 springs and hd bilsteins

Pioneer deck with 6x9's in the rear

Dinan chipped


Prev owner welded in new floor boards on the driver side.

Doors are in poor condition(car comes with 2 rust free straight and primed doors!)

Needs a headliner the original on there is ripped and dirty but appears to all be there.

Speedometer and RPMS are not connected due to those gauges being mechanical and M20 requires eletronical.

(Fuel and Temp work!)

Small dash crack

Runs rich and sometimes dies at idle but starts right back up, seems to be a vacuum leak, I drive it about 150 miles a week, drives great really..

Under hood and trunk and inside are original golf yellow. Engine bay has been painted black.

I bought this from the previous owner that apparently did all the work, I was told he makes and sells this particular motor mount adapter for this engine swap. Its a nice build and with a little bit of work I think it could be a fast daily driver that's reliable. At least this is what I was hoping for but anyway, i'm moving to Hawaii and I need to get rid or store 2 other vehicles. Some misc parts come with the car, chrome side mirrors, new BMW badges for front and rear, OEM ecu..

I am asking $4000 or best offer for the vehicle.

Thank you.

If i can answer any more questions please let me know. We can work out shipping I've found a couple companies that will do it door to door for about $600-800.

Year: 1973

Make: BMW

Model: 2002

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