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Body work and paint prep

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JoAnna and I visited Car Addictions, the shop that's doing the body work and paint job for Betty. Looking at something part way through the process, whatever the process is, is always an odd event.

Watching the sausage being made kind of thing.


Knowing that the professionals have your pride and joy in their care only makes it weirder. Trust. 

Trust is what it's all about and knowing that you both have a shared vision for what the end state will be is important.


So, going to the shop and fine tuning that vision was important and I hope, will prevent any unexpected results. Fingers crossed.


Without further ado here are some pictures of the progress thus far. Pre-primer. Getting the holes filled and any rust addressed.





There is very little rust on the body. The front fenders on the other hand had to be replaced.






In general the body work was limited to addressing waves and small dings vs rust. And that's a good thing!


More to come later. 


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Not sure of your vehicle's location (probably really doesn't matter), I am not pro body worker by any means, I wonder why they didn't shoot it with epoxy primer when they stripped the paint?  Sheet metal starts to flash rust almost immediately when exposed to air.  I know when my car was stripped they shot it with epoxy right away.  Looks like you got rid of your belt line trim, hopefully those holes were welded up (I am sure they were....?) and ground off (not 'fillered' over).  Hopefully they are being careful to maintain the body line(s)...as well. 

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