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Woah, time flies when you're hunting for parts!

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We did tell the shop that's doing the body work and paint that we were not in any hurry. Haven't found a contractor to bid the garage yet.

Oh well, there is still work to do!


I've been inventorying parts and wow. There is a lot of parts.

Sadly, a lot of it really isn't going to look good going back onto the painted body unless I do some serious restoration/plating/painting etc. Lots of it.

So, I've been part collecting, or trying to. And getting stuff taken apart in order to sort it. 

Good stuff, Restoration stuff, No longer needed and good enough to sell/give away, or junk.


Since we're upgrading to EFI with stand alone mgt and a custom wire harness, there are a few things that I'll have to decide are good enough to share. I might have a few good items.

First off is all of the California smog stuff. This is a WA car and this is where she's gonna stay. So, that's up for grabs. I have the whole kit and caboodle. I'll post that up separately soon after I take proper pictures of it.


While I've been shopping around for parts, I've found a couple that I think are interesting but don't know anything about them. I have not bought parts from them before.

They are Roger's TII, which has a lot of stuff that I didn't think was available anywhere. Such as the little white plastic caps for the rear side window pop outs. Mine just crumbled in my hand when I removed the glass!

The others are interior upholstery kit sellers. World Upholstery and Dtechparts. Stuff looks good and the prices seem fair for what you're getting....but the problem is, I don't know what I'd be getting.

To be fair, I haven't contacted either of these companies to talk about color choices, samples, timeline/schedules etc. More on that later.


For now, the hunt for bits and parts continues. Unfortunitely no new pictures for this post.... 😞 


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